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Rooted in Real-World Problem Solving

<home page for the set of SDPi+FHIR use cases to be considered>

<include Ken's Compendium ... and related discussion>

<include use case analysis process for SDPi+FHIR etc.>

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What Lays Below ...

Story line?  Narrative?  Use Case?  Scenarios?  

<talk through the terminology in this space>

The Compendium of Use Cases

As part of the IHE SDPi white paper development mid-2019, the team endeavored to NOT reinvent the wheel but recognizing the wealth of "use cases" that had been developed over decades, as well as those that were integrated into some of the foundational standards for the SDPi+FHIR program (e.g., over 100 use cases were included in the ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC standardization work advanced by the OR.NET organization), it was decided to create a companion "comp;endium" document to the IHE SDPi white paper:

Source:  IHE DEV DPI SDPi Wiki

There is a wealth of information in this document - worthy of a review especially to understand the problem set for the work to date.

NOTE:  Though this document represents a snapshot in time (i.e., September 2019), the intent is to continue the work and ensure that it is "current", especially as new "narratives" are added to the SDPi+FHIR Narratives layer.  For example, new opportunities that result from medical knowledge advancements and sea change technological advancements (e.g., knowledge-driven solutions, robotics, autonomous medical systems, or AI/Machine Learning, etc.).

Analysis Approach for SDPi+FHIR 

<include links to the AHIMA/IHE papers>

<pull in some of the content / approach / references from the "From Inspiring Narratives ..." slide deck - note ... this is a reference to the specific file ... which will change if revised and deleted !!!>

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Narrative Story Crafting

The following SDPi+FHIR narrative areas are being crafted: