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Agenda Items

  • Project Updates
  • Expiration Completion
  • CHOP Review
  • CEN/ISO Gap Analysis

Discussion items

5 minIntroductionsAll

30 minProject Updates

  • Publication of the EHR WG approval for STU extension and request for next steps completed: HL7 Consumer Mobile Health Application Functional Framework (cMHAFF), Release 1
  • Discussion on need to complete the CHOP pilot review write-up and request for CHOP's (Igor Yuabov) review of findings outlined.
    • Plan is to draft this write up at the next CMHAFF meeting  
  • Update on CEN ISO Project
    • Frank working on mapping spreadsheet between HaWa and CMHAFF
    • Providing methods for scoring gaps and overlaps 2,1,0. Scoring is meant to calculate of how close of a match we have across statements
    • Identified A.1.1. of HaWa which outlines the OS that the app is built off of does not have a comparable match under CMHAFF. Need to add to CMHAFF.
    • Planning to assist with mapping on  (when Frank gets back from yet another holiday (smile)  )
  • Previous Meeting Minutes
    • Brian Ahier - assessing potential areas to address gaps in current CMHAFF ballot
    • Frank Ploeg - assessing updated quality requirements according to mapping of information in CMHAFF and CEN ISO projects
    • Nathan Botts - work on CHOP pilot draft
    • CMHAFF Webguide Reconciliation
      • Completed Section 1 - 1.4 
      • Completed Section 2 - 2.4
      • Completed Section 3 - 3.2.1
      • Begin on 3.2.2 next meeting  
  • CMHAFF Expiration
    • Draft request published: HL7 Consumer Mobile Health Application Functional Framework (cMHAFF), Release 1
    • Awaiting confirmation of WG approval at the  meeting for URL publishing
    • Awaiting EHR WG approval of this request (items 13 and 13a)
    • Need to look into changing the project end date: 2020 September WGM
    • Once above completed, alert SD of publication 
    • Once confirmation is received, send off to Lynn Laakso
  • Update on CEN ISO Project

    • About to publish working draft 4 and send it out to MH WG.
    • Determine the score on an APP, 
    • Mapping of information in CMHAFF and CEN ISO projects
    • Frank will send link to Delphi Study Survey ISO and IEC Quality Requirements Conformity Assessment (QRCA) at scale from the end of April. Information about the testing and opportunities to become involved will be provided separately
    • Initiative with Gora ISO governance of CMHAFF, what are the implication of this initiative and collaboration?
    • Discus tooling options for future development for CEN/ISO and CMHAFF.
20 minNew BusinessAll

Action items

  • Nathan Botts Draft potential update to section 3.1.1 of CMHAFF to include product information that outlines the need for vendors to describe the OS supported by the Health App