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Date: 2020-05-14

Facilitator:  Lorraine Constable

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




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Mayo Clinic
xParker Digital Health Computing 

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Ron will be going to the methodology groups. Need to understand governance processes necessary to achieve consistency. Will likely discuss with Conformance as well. Need to look into what might need to change in terms of process for the organization. May be implications for the GOM and other processes. If we're considering universality or transferability, the project proposal should include notional or actual use cases of the problem being solved. Discussion over including international affiliates in the project proposal process which will help with identification earlier, although the details likely won't be enough until the PSS.

Lorraine suggests coming at this from the affiliate side. Ron states he'd like to do some framing with methodology and Conformance, then go to the Internationals and ask their opinions based on their experience. Would like the Affiliates to more readily consume things going on in the organization. 

Next step is for Ron to have initial conversations with Jean and set up conversations with the other groups. 

MethodologySMART Web Messaging project - material to review is located here:

The project has been developing for 7 or 8 months. They discovered that they missed the PSS deadline for September. TSC gave them a 3 week extension to get the necessary approvals. Their calls weren't publicly announced, so the content they've created is technically considered external. 

Sponsor is FHIR-I with CDS and ITS as cosponsors. There has been discussion about Security being added as well.

Discussion over whether or not the content is actually external. From the project's perspective it isn't. However, they didn't follow the process for open development by publicly announcing the project and the meetings. Wayne thinks people get confused, thinking they're following the process by participating in Connectathons. Lorraine: One problem is that CDS and ITS didn't have any chance to be involved during the development of the material. We need to figure out what we want to do - are people comfortable not reviewing it? Wayne notes it was developed in Argonaut and went through two connectathons. Hugh sees both sides. Lorraine: We could do a light review with the group walking through the material. 

Could vote on it on our next call in two weeks, or schedule a call for next week to vote on it since they're in a hurry. 

Reviewed definition of HL7 content at Definition: External Content

Lorraine notes that this is firmly in ITS' space. If they're okay with it going to ballot then perhaps that's enough. Wayne suggests we talk to FHIR-I about it as well since they're the sponsor and they approved it.

ManagementNext agendaNext week we will review/vote on SMART Web Messaging project - material to review is located here:

 Adjourned at 5:57 pm Eastern

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