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Management Minutes Approval 5/5Approved by consensus
RussSTU Update - process we want to follow for the Attachments Implementation Guide  - Review and approval

We will be following an STU Update process to apply some minor revisions to the Attachments Implementation Guide (https://www.hl7.org/implement/standards/product_brief.cfm?product_id=464). See the following for the TSC’s guidance on when an STU Update is appropriate and how to conduct it: http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/7482/10824/Guidance-to-Work-Groups-on-DSTU-Updates20130819.docx

I’ve posted the revised draft of the guide with changes tracked in the members-only area of the HL7 workgroup site – you’ll need to login to download it: https://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/wg/ca/CDAR2_AIG_CCDA_EXCHANGE_R1.1_STU_2020MAY_DRAFT.docx

As described in the TSC guidance, we’ll be reviewing this update through a “Peer Review Process”. I’ve attached a comment spreadsheet template – for anyone who would like to review, please fill out this spreadsheet and send it to Laurie (Laurie.Burckhardt@wpsic.com) by May 19th.

Once Laurie has reviewed and addressed all comments received, she’ll submit a publication package back to the workgroup for approval, just like we would review prior to publication of any other standard.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions about this effort or the process we’re following here.

ChristolUS Realm -

FM PSS -  Accounts, Payments and Statements Project Scope Statement

  • Paul presents the project. This would amend the account resource to represent statements. 
  • Lorraine notes that the base resource is universal. So this would be a realm specific variance? Paul: The resources will be created or updated in R5 to support US Realm activity. 
  • Decision that the project itself isn't really US Realm, so approval isn't necessary at this time.

Will be revisited next week when Mary Kay and/or Paul can join.

Pat Continue discussion: Based on feedback from last week, reviewed background on app, auths, and tokens for multiple members, 3 personas were updated.  Bob stated that second sentence may not be true, but will discuss offline with Pat.  Bob asked about standards for automatic app registration.  Lisa stated that it is a requirement for Smart on FHIR launch framework. Bob and Lisa will discuss this offline.  There were assumptions made regarding a subscriber not needing a whole new profile to check on access his wife's profile.  This discussion will be continued.
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 Adjourned at 3:36 PM

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