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How to Reserve a Shared HL7 Zoom Account

Insure you have a Confluence account and have logged in to enable editing of the table below.  
To request a Confluence account, email

Review the table below for availability of the shared Zoom accounts listed below.

Reserve a time by entering your Work Group and recurrence in the table below 
(Examples: PEST WG (BiWeekly),          Project Services (Weekly),          PIC (Last Tue each month))

Sign into Zoom with the appropriate account below via a browser at:    
Once in Zoom, Click "Schedule a Meeting" at the top right of the page and fill in the fields as specified in the following screen shot: SharedZoomAccount_MeetingSetUp_ScreenShot.PNG     (Password:  HL7Zoom01##   case sensitive)     (Password:  HL7Zoom02##   case sensitive)     (Password:  HL7Zoom03##   case sensitive)

New to Zoom?  Check out Getting Started with Zoom.

 Help and FAQs


Q: Step me through the typical process

A: Let's say your Work Group has a biweekly meeting on Tuesdays from 11-12pm ET and a monthly meeting the last Thursday of the month from 1-2 ET.
You'd review the table below and see which Zoom account has Tuesdays 11-12pm ET and Thursdays 1-2pm ET.  Let's say the SharedZoom02 account is open
Enter your Work Group name in the two appropriate cells based on the above days/times under the column for SharedZoom02.
Then log into the SharedZoom02 Zoom account via  and set up those recurring calls as specified in the following screen shot: SharedZoomAccount_MeetingSetUp_ScreenShot.PNG
Update the HL7 Conference Call calendar entries at with the appropriate Zoom participant information (see FAQ below for additional help)
Email the Work Group listserv the participant information for the Zoom call.
When the call happens, if you're the host of the all, you need to log into Zoom at with the SharedZoom02 login credentials listed above.

Q: How do I send participants the meeting invite information?

A: Once logged into Zoom via
Click on Meetings > Upcoming Meetings > the desired meeting that you want to copy participant information
Click Copy Invitation
Click Copy Meeting Information and the participant meeting information will be copied to your clipboard.
Screen shots to perform the above steps:  How To Copy Meeting Invitation Info for Participants.doc

Q: Where can I find more info/FAQs about Zoom at HL7?
A: Zoom Tip Sheet  and HL7/Zoom FAQs

Q: Why does a monthly meeting get a slot for every week?
A: Because even a monthly meeting prevents an account from being reserved for a weekly or bi-weekly meeting without creating a potential conflict.

Q: What should I do if my meeting starts or ends on the half-hour?
A: Take two slots in the table for your call

Q: What is the maximum number of participants for each account?
A: Each of the shared accounts have a participant limit of 300

Q: Where to emails get sent for the shared Zoom accounts?
A: The email distribution list is: HL7 Staffers (Dave Hamill and Bryn Evans)

Q: What do I need to enter into HL7's Conference Call Calendar ‘Notes’ and ‘Web Meeting Info’ portion for those calls using Zoom?
A: Enter the following:

***** Please do not use the Participation Information for these calls *****
****Please use the Web Meeting Info provided below. DO NOT use the Participation Information. *******


Web Meeting Info

****Please use the webinar information provided here. DO NOT use the Participation Information. *******
<Copy Zoom participant info here>

Q: Whom do I contact with questions or feedback regarding the shared Zoom accounts:
Add them to the Comment section at the bottom of this Confluence page or Email David Hamill at

DayTime (US Eastern)SharedZoom01SharedZoom02SharedZoom03
Monday7-8am ET

Monday8-9am ET

Monday9-10am ET

Monday10-11am ETDEV PoCD (weekly)

Monday11-12pm ET

Monday12-1pm ET

Monday1-2pm ET

Monday2-3pm ET

Monday3-4pm ET

Monday4-5pm ETSOA (weekly 4:30-5:30)

Monday5-6pm ETSOA (weekly 4:30-5:30)

Monday6-7pm ET

Monday7-8pm ET

DayTime (US Eastern)SharedZoom01SharedZoom02SharedZoom03
Tuesday7-8am ET

Tuesday8-9am ET

Tuesday9-10am ET

Tuesday10-11am ET

Tuesday11-12pm ET
CGP WG (weekly)
Tuesday12-1pm ET

Tuesday1-2pm ET

Tuesday2-3pm ET

PEST every other week beginning 6/23

Tuesday3-4pm ET

Tuesday4-5pm ET

BR&R (Weekly)
Tuesday5-6pm ETMnM (every 2 weeks)

Tuesday6-7pm ET

Tuesday7-8pm ET

DayTime (US Eastern)SharedZoom01SharedZoom02SharedZoom03
Wednesday7-8am ET

Wednesday8-9am ET

Wednesday9-10am ETDEV DoF (fortnightly)

Wednesday10-11am ETCA Interop (CIC)

Wednesday11-12pm ET

Wednesday12-1pm ET

CCRF (CIC) every other week

beginning 06/10/20

Wednesday1-2pm ET

Wednesday2-3pm ET

Wednesday3-4pm ETPA Conf call (weekly)ITS - first Wed. of every month
Wednesday4-5pm ET

Wednesday5-6pm ET

Wednesday6-7pm ET

Wednesday7-8pm ET

DayTime (US Eastern)SharedZoom01SharedZoom02SharedZoom03
Thursday7-8am ET

Thursday8-9am ET

Thursday9-10am ET

Thursday10-11am ET

Thursday11-12pm ET

Thursday12-1pm ET

Thursday1-2pm ET
CGP WG (bi-weekly)
Thursday2-3pm ETCIC WG (weekly)

Thursday3-4pm ETECWG (weekly)

Thursday4-5pm ET

Thursday5-6pm ET

Thursday6-7pm ET

Thursday7-8pm ETSOA Consent Service project

DayTime (US Eastern)SharedZoom01SharedZoom02SharedZoom03
Friday7-8am ET

Friday8-9am ET

Friday9-10am ET

Friday10-11am ET

Friday11-12pm ET

Friday12-1pm ET

Friday1-2pm ET

Friday2-3pm ET

Friday3-4pm ET

Friday4-5pm ET

Friday5-6pm ET

Friday6-7pm ET

Friday7-8pm ET

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