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Tools for implementation & testing are not only fundamental to the adoption & success of SDPi+FHIR but ...


The sections below identify tooling-related resources and discussion topics.   

For additional content and community exchanges, see also the Community Engagement & Stacks of Useful Stuff pages.

What Lays Below ...

From Narratives to Requirements to Plug-and-Trust - Tooling for a New Level of Testability & Rigor

The intent of the Gemini SDPi+FHIR program is to establish a new level of requirements detail and traceability from user narratives to use cases to requirements that are expressed in a clear, concise and TESTABLE ASSERTION form that can be mapped and traced through all the way to the interoperable "plug-n-trust" interface that is tested.  Establishing a set of specification formats and supporting tool chain is the challenge.  

This  discussion slide deck details the approach being developed for this program:

Note:  Updated 2020-07-06A

See Narratives to Plug-n-Trust: Capture & Traceability & V&V & CA for a more detailed discussion.

SDPi+FHIR Specification Tooling

<add tooling stuff from above "inspiring narratives" discussion slide deck>

Reference Implementation / Open Source Resources

<add from white paper and subsequent discussions>

Test Tooling Resources

<add from white paper & subsequent discussions>

Roadmap & Team Collaboration

CA & Tooling Support Roadmap

  1. Develop an SDC / SDPi Conformity Assessment & Tool Chain Strategy
  2. Roadmap pathway to IHE EU CAT '20 & IHE NA CAT '21 
  3. Roadmap pathway to IHE CA of SDC/SDPi products 

Development Status

  1. <include general updates per roadmap above>

Team Participants

The following individuals have requested to be included in the CA & Tooling Team:

NOTE:  Team participants who are also registered HL7 Confluence users  be able to comment and add content.

Team Discussion Notes

 Gemini SDPi+FHIR CA & Tooling Team Discussion Notes
 2020-09-17 Thursday Web Meeting


  1. General Updates
  2. IHE" Cucumber Studio" Use? 
  3. Virtual CAT Testing for SDC/SDPi?
  4. Other Topics


Todd Cooper David Gregorczyk John J. Garguilo John Donnelly

Discussion Notes

  1. General Updates
    1. IHE EU CAT'20 November 6-11 will be 100% virtual; now evaluating which profiles can be tested "virtually" and to what level of completeness
    2. IHE NA CAT'21 will be 100% Virtual ("online") / remoted and will probably be pushed out to March 2021
      1. NOTE:  The test tools & platform for both EU and NA Connectathons will (most likely) be the same; the profiles WILL be the same (smile)  
    3. NOTE:  IHE is also investigating leveraging GITB framework for integration of multiple test platforms, supporting a next gen Gazelle API
    4. IHE Germany may advance an IHE Plug-a-thon for SDC/SDPi in the coming months ...
      1. TBD whether this will be an in-person event or online or hybrid  
  2. IHE "Cucumber Studio" Use?
    1. IHE International has a license to use "Cucumber Studio" (incl. Gherkin; tutorials are also available)
    2. To date this has been mostly applied to the  OpenHIE initiative & some IHE test tooling considerations (e.g., possibly for future FHIR-based testing of QEDm)
    3. Can it be utilized for IHE DEV DPI SDPi Use Case analysis purposes?  (e.g., see Peter K's QH/Silent ICU Gherkin examples)
    4. Discussion ...
      1. Prometheus & Dräger have experience with Cucumber / Gherkin ... but not necessarily this Studio tool
      2. "BDD" (Behaviour-Driven Development) Experience?  (None on the call)
      3. ACTION( David & Todd )  Ask for experience with Dräger & Prometheus stakeholders (incl. BDD use)
      4. ACTION( Todd ) Create Silent ICU project & invite Ken Fuchs & Peter Kranich as members to test out
  3. Virtual CAT Testing for SDC/SDPi?
    1. Some have said, "You can't test SDC-based interoperability virtually ... the whole point is tight integration around a patient!"  To what degree is that statement true?  
    2. Discussion ...
      1. (David)  SDC is a local area network focus, so virtualization requires a virtual LAN w/ WS multi-cast support;  So ... "not easy" but also very doable - with the Right Smart Guy!  
        1. VLAN's utilized with some testing (incl. cross Atlantic sessions in virtual environment) ... so there is some experience
        2. Utilized a "discovery proxy" to facilitate discovery w/o UDP multi-cast requirements; but this is not formally defined (in standards) & currently Dräger internal only 
          1. CONSIDER profiling discovery proxy in SDPi as an option & backfill to the  ISO / IEEE 11073 SDC standards when / as needed & appropriate
      2. (John D.) All U.S. ONC testing has been virtualized, but not for devices!  This effort may support future adoption & integration
      3. ACTION( David ) Consider the 2020 IHE Germany SDC/SDPi Plug-a-thon to test out virtualized testing approaches 
  4. Other Topics
    1. No other topics identified

Action Items / Task

 2020-09-03 Thursday Web Meeting


  1. General Updates
  2. Draft IEEE 11073-10700 Base "Common" PKP w.r.t. Hanging Gardens Model
  3. Open Discussion / Topics


Todd Cooper John Donnelly Kenneth Fuchs David Gregorczyk  Michael Faughn John J. Garguilo  

Michael Kirwan

Regrets:  Anna Feiler

Meeting Notes

  1. General Updates
    1. NOTE:  This was the first meeting moving to IHE WebEx web call info ... 
    2. September WGM Agenda - updates in progress 
  2. Draft IEEE 11073-10700 Base "Common" PKP  w.r.t. Hanging Gardens Model 
    1. David GregorczykProvided a tour of a draft 11073-10700 standard (pre ballot) 
      1. (Todd Cooper) provided an orientation of the positioning of -10700 to the Hanging Gardens model + how to be integrated into the SDPi Supplement document
      2. NOTE:  The early draft of the -10700 standard was circulated to the meeting participants NOT TO BE FURTHER DISTRIBUTED OR POSTED ANYWHERE!  
      3. (David Gregorczyk) Provided a high-level review of the document's content
        1. Section 6 is focused on the quality / regulatory / legal affairs stakeholders
        2. Section 7 is focused on the MDI R&D technical stakeholders
    2. Discussion
      1. (John Donnelly) Would be good to keep sync of titles & graphics to reduce confusion for those just coming to the party
      2. CONSIDER:  Changing 11073-1070x PAR titles and / or Cathedral window titling; also audiences from the IEC/SC 62A & 60601-xyz standards community
      3. Sources of requirements (at least topics) for the document?  Standards-based sources?
      4. Relationship to a "shared" (across SDC products ecosystem) risk management / RCMeasures requirements?  Supporting interoperability of decoupled products?  What's missing?
    3. NOTE:  Ran out of time ... 
  3. Open Discussion / Topics
    1. (John Donnelly) Questions regarding Home-sourced to Cloud Info
      1. Home device to "home hub" => FHIR  (a la IHE POU)
        1. For example, for remote patient monitoring / disease management applications
          1. NOTE:  Not typically acute care medical devices deployed at home settings
          2. Should include device status info (e.g., device failure) 
        2. What should we tell device manufacturers for terminology, for connectivity standards, etc. etc. etc. 
        3. See IHE POU profile + Devices on FHIR PHD IG  + see PCHAlliance / Continua Guidelines
      2. Sensors (ambient) data collection guidance (esp. with geo-positioning ) 
        1. See IEEE Std 11073-10471 - Device specialization - Independent living activity hub
      3. ISO/IEEE 11073 General Info Sources?  (per  (i) above)
        1. New players (e.g., from LTC per COVID challenges / post-acute) looking at home-based care technologies ... not steeped in health informatics and definitely not in device informatics 
        2. "Remote Patient Monitoring" and similar hot topics today ...
        3. Discussion
          1. Relevant discussion at Paper: SES Remote Connected Care and Mobile Health 
          2. See wikipedia links above ... 

Action Items / Tasks

No new action items.

 2020.08.20 Thursday Web Meeting


  1. General Updates
    1. Action Items
    2. Topics
  2. Review SES MDI Framework Slides (UML Model & Layer Detail Slides)
  3. Review PKP ReqIF-based Word documents 
  4. Review SDPI Supplement draft & approach to support V&V testing
  5. Other Business


Todd Cooper Michael Faughn David Gregorczyk

Anna Filer

Meeting Notes

  1. General Updates (All)
    1. IHE T&T:  IHE Europe & IHE Services continue to finalize the approach for November's IHE EU Connectathon, including F2F / Remoted / Hybrid;  IHE USA has indicated January's event will be 100% virtual; 
  2. SES MDI Framework  (Todd Cooper)
    1. UML Modeling - Work begun using MagicDraw ... will report out next call
    2. Layer Specific Slides - No additional Work has been ... will update in next call
  3.  SDC PKP Standards ReqIF→Word doc review (David Gregorczyk
    1. David Gregorczyk provided a quick review of the 11073-10700 Base PKP standard, including the use of ReqIF.
    2. Word document will be available mid-next week for review
    3. The Word document was created from a ReqIF based specification that was exported from DOORS.  
    4. Goal is to be able to transform the ReqIF XML spec (e.g., using "ReqIF Studio" or similar tooling) into the Hanging Gardens ReqIF Integration spec
  4. SDPi Supplement & Readiness for Test Tooling
    1. Todd Cooper reviewed the SDC tooling descriptions in the 2019 IHE SDPi White Paper 
      1. Anna indicated that these are quite dated - tooling strategy has evolved over the last year! - and does not reflect what is planned for release into the public domain later in 2019
      2. ACTION( Anna) To craft some tool diagrams that will reflect the current planning
  5. Other Business
    1. (Anna) updated the group on a PKP regulatory focused white paper that is being developed
      1. Paper will be put on a public drive early next week for review and contributions; 
      2. Paper completion deadline will be set in the coming weeks when the next meeting with European regulators is set

Action Items / Tasks

  • (Anna / David Gregorczyk)  Update tool diagrams reflecting what is planned for public release later this year

 2020-08-06 Thursday Web Meeting


  1. Team Status Updates
    1. Future IHE CAT events - F2F, V2V or hybrid?
  2. Topics Report-outs (see previous meeting)
  3. Other Business 


Todd Cooper Michael Faughn Kenneth Fuchs David Gregorczyk John J. Garguilo

Meeting Notes

  1. General Updates
    1. NOTE:  July 16th meeting didn't capture any notes here ... but the focus was on the development of the SES MDI Framework slides as discussed today in (2) below
    2. Reviewed Topics from 7/2 session (see above & below)
    3. NOTE:  The EU CAT'20 in November in Brussels is still TBD whether it is F2F / Virtualized / Hybrid event; to be finalized & announced around September 15
  2. Framework Slides review
    1. General discussion and review of the current draft of the slide deck
    2. Question:  Is the current Hanging Gardens Conceptual Model about right - worth drilling down on more detail - or is it off track in some way?
      1. Consensus is that it has evolved to a generally good place ... BIG scope / vision ... but needed 
      2. Yes, drilling down on the next level of detail and then using to present to "layers" communities / stakeholders is appropriate
    3. Next Steps:
      1. Create a UML model of the constructs both for horizontal layer characterization + integration across layers 
      2. Update the layer-specific pages to illustrate the artifacts / components etc. that comprise that subject matter and the linkages to the Big 6 Formalization technologies (e.g., ReqIF)
      3. ACTION (Todd Cooper Michael Faughn) Get MagicDraw up and working for this UML file (note MagicDraw is also used by Dräger and many others)
  3. CA - Tooling Topic Updates
    1. (2.a) Gherkin & ReqIF Update -
      1. no progress at this point - but see (2.b)
      2. Kenneth Fuchs has been extending the detail around audible alert management - at which point we will be able to 
    2. (2.b) PKP & ReqIF Update
      1. David Gregorczyk working on PKP standards using ReqIF but for Word version of standards documents
      2. Hopefully will have a version of these by next meeting of this group 8/20th? Consider how to extract / migrate those requirements to a Gemini SDPi+FHIR ReqIF format
    3. (2.c) Inter-layer Mapping
      1. Todd Cooper is first addressing this in the SES MDI Framework slide deck ... then can focus on more specifics of the mappings
    4. (2.g) CA Strategy 
      1. No significant work since the last meeting - but completing the slide deck will help lay the foundation for the strategy
      2. John J. Garguilo provided a Reality Check regarding the fact that specifications are still in development, DPE tool is in work but a ways off ... resources are highly constrained ...
      3. AND this is a very very complex set of profiles - perhaps the most in IHE - Strategy vs. near term Starting Point will have to factor all this together
    5. (2.h) Tool Identification / Collection
      1. Still an open To Do item
      2. Note that Dräger put the Python sdc11073 library in the public domain and Todd CooperDavid Gregorczyk are working to integrate sample messages and links to the library in the TF-2 SDC messages appendix.  
      3. The OR.NET, Dräger and others also have test tooling that will be contributed for CAT testing and that leverage the sdc11073 lib, etc.  
  4. Other Business
    1. John J. Garguilo led a discussion of the upcoming HL7 / IEEE / IHE WGM's (virtualized) and the schedule that we should use.  
      1. Agreement was that scheduling 2x 90 minute sessions daily should be sufficient:  0600-0730 Pacific & 0800-0930 Pacific

Action Items / Task Lists

  • Todd Cooper Michael Faughn Get MagicDraw up and going on Todd's platform for creation of the UML diagrams for the slide deck

 2020-07-02 Thursday Web Meeting


  1. Review structure & content of this team page
  2. Discuss & Update Roadmap
  3. Begin the CA & Tooling Strategy development task
  4. Other Business 


Todd Cooper Kenneth Fuchs Michael Faughn

Anna Feiler 

Regrets:  David Gregorczyk

Meeting Notes

  1. General Updates
    1. Introductions ... esp. Anna to Michael & John
    2. Recap of the discussions to date
      1. ACTION (Todd) Post Michael F's Ghirkin for SDPi presentation
      2. ACTION (Todd) update slide deck (to SES MDI) version, including fixing the PKP on the SDPi profiles model
  2. Topics / Issues 
    1. Requirements Capture:  Scenarios to Gherkin to ReqIF (Ken & Michael)
      1. Includes a few example scenarios  example (simple but representative) 
    2. Use of ReqIF by the PKP Standards (David & Michael)
    3. Use of ReqIF for SDPi inter-layer mapping (Todd)
    4. <Target report out for 2020.07.16 call>
    5. Update of an SDC/SDPi Device Profile Editor (DPE)
      1. Is the current "SDC DPE" from PoCSpeC project to/from Prometheus ... usable?  (probably ... not)
      2. Scope of the DPE tool?
        1. What layers from the SDPi layers model?
        2. Integration of ReqIF? 
        3. Generation of SFC specifications?
    6. Inventory of tooling that is or will soon be available (Anna, John/Michael)
      1. See white paper + list for IHE CAT below.
      2. Target:  Update of tooling approach on meeting 2020.08.06 call
    7. CA Strategy - Narratives to PnT using IHE CA for SDPi (Todd + John & Anna)
      1. "strategy" - Need to define approach 
      2. (Garguilo) Challenge is today vs. 2-3 years "strategic" objective
      3. NOTE:  CA is much more rigorous than CAT integration & interoperability testing
      4. Target:  Initial update on 2020.07.16 ca..
    8. IHE Connectathon Support Tooling & Testing Processes (work that has to be done to plan for planned '20 & 21 IHE CAT events) (John & Todd)
      1. Use of existing NIST tooling?
        1. Leveraging the  V2 test framework?
        2. Potential use of NIST FHIR Toolkit (e.g., XDS.b & MHD profiles testing)?
        3. IHE Devices tooling (RTMMS, DPE)
      2. Integration with Gazelle (& IHE Services ...) 
      3. Use of existing & emerging SDC / OR.NET tooling (+ MoVE project, Martin K's university tooling, etc.)
      4. NOTE:  Whether future IHE CAT events are F2F, remoted or a hybrid is TBD - should be able to report out at next call (based on IHE T&T call the day before)
    9. ACTION (Todd) Create a similar "topics" table / pages like used on the Topics of Interest page & add action items for the team members
  3. Team Discussion Prioritization 
    1. Topics:  2.a + 2.b + 2.c  grouped and initial report out at next call  (Ken, David, Michael)
    2. Topics:  2.g  initial report out on next call (Anna, John, Todd)
    3. Topics:  2.h begin to collect
    4. Defer:  2.e  until after 2.f & 2.f until August (after German vacation / holiday season)

Action Items / Task Lists

  • Todd CooperPost Michael F's Ghirkin for SDPi presentation
  • Todd Cooper update slide deck (to SES MDI) version, including fixing the PKP on the SDPi profiles model
  • Todd Cooper Create a similar "topics" table / pages like used on the Topics of Interest page & add action items for the team members

Other related web meeting discussion notes are captured on the SDPi+FHIR Meeting Logs & Notes page.

 Gemini SDPi+FHIR CA & Tooling Tasks Report

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
David GregorczykTools & Conformity Assessment
  • David Gregorczyk  Consider the 2020 IHE Germany SDC/SDPi Plug-a-thon to test out virtualized testing approaches  
David GregorczykTools & Conformity Assessment
  • Todd Cooper Get updated setup for this call going forward
Todd CooperTools & Conformity Assessment
Todd CooperTools & Conformity Assessment
  • (Anna / David Gregorczyk)  Update tool diagrams reflecting what is planned for public release later this year
David GregorczykTools & Conformity Assessment
  • Todd CooperPost Michael F's Ghirkin for SDPi presentation
Todd CooperTools & Conformity Assessment
  • Todd Cooper Create a similar "topics" table / pages like used on the Topics of Interest page & add action items for the team members
Todd CooperTools & Conformity Assessment


  1. Todd, can you add me to the CA and Tooling team?  Thx

    1. Added you to the Google Group + two monthly WebEx invites - you should see invitations for all.