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Chair:  @Floyd Eisenberg

Scribe: @Floyd Eisenberg 

  • NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 





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    Minutes Approved as Presented 

    This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

    Agenda Topics

    Agenda Outline

    Agenda Item

    Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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    Minutes Approval

    Migration to Zoom pending. Calls continue to use

    Co-chair elections - nominations open until June 15, 2020

    Eric Haas moved to approve minutes, Craig Newman seconded: 6-0-0 approved.

    Craig asked if the WG needed to consider a need for another co-chair (I.e., more than the current 2). Floyd indicated that the current decision-making process requires only 1 co-chair for quorum and that the existing workload has been very manageable between the 2 co-chairs. The WG has the option of adding an interim chair at any time the work becomes too extensive to be managed by 2 co-chairs. Therefore, the WG did not choose to add a co-chair position at this time.

    Floyd reminded the WG that nominations for the 2 co-chair positions is open until June 15. The term for the newly elected co-chairs will start in January 2021.

    Floyd also noted that any new Project Scope Statements (PSS) for the January ballot must be approved and submitted by June 5. No new PSS requirements are evident at this time.

    Floyd also noted that notice for intent to ballot (NIB) is required early July for any potential September ballots on existing PSS'. No known ballots for September are evident at this time.

    Marketplace Product Packaging Project

    Status on Marketplace Product Packaging Project

    Awaiting further feedback from Preston Lee regarding next steps, updates, and when specific group meetings will be held. Currently delayed due to Logica activities for COVID-19


    Military History Project

    Report from Military History Project team

    Continued feedback on:


    The team is working on implementing the FHIR IG using FHIR Shorthand.  No further updates are available at this time.

    US Core Methodology

    Road to US Core Discussion

    Block vote for the next CGP call:

    Issue key Summary (Reporter) Resolution

    • J#26840 various technical corrections (ehaas) Persuasive
    • J#26679 Fix ValueSet-us-core-procedure-icd10pcs (michelemottini) Persuasive
    • J#25455 Clinical Notes Guidance need fix wording for DiagnosticReports (yunwwang) Persuasive
    • J#25249 Data Absent Reason on conflicts with Invariant us-core-8 (jwalonoski) Persuasive with mod

    ...and these as auto-approved technical corrections:...

    Issue key Summary (Reporter) Resolution

    • J#27001 fix invalid json snippet (ehaas) ****
    • J#25536 duplicate URL causes validation failure. (ehaas) ****
    • J#25529 Remove duplicate URL in valueset-us-core-encounter-type.xml (bkaney) ****
    • J#25459 "US Core Observation Lab: Invariant for ""An Observation without a value, SHALL include a reason why the data is absent unless there are component observations, or references to other Observations that are grouped within it"" is wrong" (minigrrl) ****
    • J#25213 Link to LOINC LP29708-2 is broken in US Core guidance (michelle.m.miller) ****
    • J#25182 Dead link to US-Core versions directory (wardweistra) ****

    For consideration on the next call (May 28, 2020): Additional US Core FHIR Trackers (Frank McKinney) regarding Real-Time Pharmacy Benefit Check (RTPBC) Implementation Guide - variance for profiles regarding Patient and MedicationRequest - Tracker links pending as of May 11, 2020. 

    Brett Marquard moved to approve block vote; Craig Newman seconded: 6-0-1 (one abstention). Eric will update the trackers.

    Brett Marquard moved and Isaac Vetter seconded to approve that technical corrections may be auto-approved and applied: 7-0-0 approved.

    Deferred discussion about the RTPBC until May 28 call.

    Brett asked about USCDI - some vital signs added (BMI percentile, head circumference percentile) - US Core added the existing FHIR vital sign profiles. USCDI addressed some of these as percentiles. Need to consider if this is an errata or how to manage it. The missing item is Head Occipital-frontal Circumference Percentile (Birth - 36 months). 

    Publishing as errata helps to maintain the scope - I.e., what is wrong, and consider updates in the future.  Therefore, this makes sense to continue as an errata. 

    Will consider a vote on this issue next week, then pull together an errata package. The 2-week review period will start after all changes are applied (sometime late June). Then vote on the errata package and publication early July.

    The new tracker for this Head Occipital-frontal Circumference Percentile is:  FHIR-27542 - Getting issue details... STATUS . For review and decision next meeting (May 28).

    Further discussion about potentially relaxing "must support" for some items such as race and ethnicity. By requiring race and ethnicity, we might be be requiring unnecessary information in all transmissions. Relaxing the "must support" will allow more flexibility. USCDI requires ability to support race and ethnicity. US Core purpose is broader than USCDI.  Such a change would avoid the need to have a US base in which constraints in US Core can be relaxed. It would be difficult to differentiate and explain the two.     Key data elements that healthcare providers must store and serve up as requested, supporting the USCDI.

    The discussion will continue on next week's call (May 28) with the additional questions from Frank McKinney for the variance for profiles regarding Patient and MedicationRequest. 

    Follow up  FHIR-27542 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    and Real-Time Pharmacy Benefit Check (RTPBC) request on May 28 call.

    Expect errata package for US Core toward the end of June 2020 for a 2-week comment period followed by a vote for approval and publication in early July 2020.


    The meeting was adjourned at 2:02 PM ET.  The next meeting of CGP WG will be on May 28, 2020 at 1:00 PM ET.

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    Minute Approval


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