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Date: 20200430

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




xConstable Consulting Inc.
xMayo Clinic
xParker Digital Health Computing 

xDuteau Design
xDeontik Pty Ltd
RegretsCigna Healthcare
xBlue Wave Informatics






ICode Solutions

PKnapp Consulting

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Management Minute ApprovalNo additions/correctionsAccepted via unanimous consent
MethodologyPSS- coming to HL7 50% done

Reviewed COVID 19 FHIR IG PSS. The PSS states that 50% of the content is developed; Lorraine notes that it is more than that because Logica has already published it several times. Should ARB review the external content before the PSS is approved? Should we invite Preston to come and walk through the project? 
Hugh feels that this is a special case due to circumstances. We could choose to trust that this is working the way it is intended to work and we know some of the people working on it. Others agree that Logica is sound. 

MOTION that ARB has assessed that they have confidence in the team building the material and therefore does not need to review the material at this time. Amendment by Hugh: This is an exception to our usual process due to the urgent circumstances.

Lorraine notes this is designated as US Realm but feels there may be universal interest. Ron will alert the International Council that this work is coming.



MethodologyRTSSRon will work with Jean to get the material in front of MnM.

ManagementHow to handle no WGM

Ron suggests we follow our usual pattern of topics but not in that week. We would have done a joint with SGB on Sunday, RTSS on Monday, and general topics on Thursday. Discussion over whether joint meeting with SGB is necessary. No real pressing issues there at the moment. 

Could spread out topics across meetings at our usual time. Zoran suggests an hour later due to time zones.  

Decision to meet the 14th (RTSS) and 28th (other business) of May at 5pm Eastern as a replacement for WGM meetings and cancel the rest of the May meetings

ManagementNext agenda2020-05-14 - RTSS

 Adjourned at 4:38 pm Eastern

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