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4:00PM EDT (UTC-4). Note that this call was pushed back 30 minutes due to an HL7 conflict.

Quorum  as of 4:05PM PM EDT.  Call completed at 5:06PM EDT



None received

Planned Agenda Topics and Notes

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Chair)
    Note that there was some confusion for today's call as someone (NOT me!) changed the HL7 calendar page to say we will use zoom - and we are NOT.  First topic for today:  decide to use zoom starting next week.
    No changes or new items.

  2. Announcements (all)
    • San Antonio WGM is cancelled.  Groups needing joint calls are encouraged to work together to set those up.   There is a common page on Confluence for joint calls but we have out own agenda page and are working through our own needs. 
    • Many folks working on HL7 and standard terminology support for the high pressure efforts around the globe related to the pandemic.
    • We have a zoom account setup for Vocab.  Does anyone have a problem with moving to zoom for our WG main and project calls starting next week?
    • There will be a virtual connectathon during the WGM time and it will have a terminology services track.  Runs Wednesday through Friday; we will discuss timing below with the agenda discussion.
    • The ballot cycle opened, please submit comments (assuming you did sign up to be part of the ballot pool).   Ballot close is May 11.

  3. Action Items Check  (Chair)
    1. We acknowledge that we need to take care of the items on this list. Rob asks that co-chairs especially review their action items and resolve or update
    2. Attendees and especially chairs are again urged to finish and check off their action items.
  4. Concall Logistics  (Chair)
    1. We now have a Vocabulary WG zoom account and will be able to start using zoom instead of FreeConference Call - we will do so starting next week.  All project leads please make documentation and announcement to your project teams to avoid confusion.
    2. As we have run out of time before compeleting the planned agenda items EVERY CALL FOR A YEAR now, we must take into consideration moving to a 2 hour call.
      1. Or, potentially, more frequent calls
      2. We SHALL move to a 2 hour call
    3. Since we started 30 minutes late today, the plan is to run 30 minutes longer.   If folks desire, we can continue for 30 minutes beyond that today.  DECISION:  our next call on May 14 will commence at 3PM US EDT (UTC-5) and run for 2 hours.   It is noted that this conflicts with the FHIR connectathon on May 14.
    4. The 3PM regular cochair webinars may occur regularly in the future with our calls, we need to stay on top of this and address it if it becomes a problem.
    5. Let us do an email chain with the vocab chairs to determine if we need to setup regular cochair calls. 

  5. San Antonio WGM remote access Planning (Chair)
    New agenda for the planned Virtual meeting can be found HERE.  The original San Antonio agenda is here.  
    1. The San Antonio WGM has been cancelled, and has been replaced with a virtual FHIR connectathon event.
      1. We may setup virtual sessions if we feel they are needed, but it is up to us (Vocab WG) to set these up.
    2. We need to work on how and on what schedule we will do virtual sessions
      1. The chair leads for each session on our Virtual WGM Planning Page need to reach out to the other WGs and ask them to go onto our setup page and grab a slot, or let us know  that they do not want a meeting.
      2. Ted to do Wed joints with FHIR-I and MnM, Rob M to do SD and CDS, Rob H to do PC, Ted to do CG.  Carol has already done HTA.   Stan will do CIMI.
    3. Initial approach for Vocab:
      1. The WGM is fully cancelled; no announced plans for postponement or virtualization
      2. Joint meetings that were planned are encouraged to set something up in some way
    4. What will be the planned hours for the FHIR connectathon in May?
      1. Runs continuously from 4PM US Eastern May 13 and runs until 4PM Eastern May 15.

  6. UTG Update (Carol/Jess/Ted)
    1. Policy Discussion/Decisions
      1. Initial Release
        1. TOMORROW May 1
      2. Pilot Test
      3. Roll-out
      4. Canonical URLs
      5. Version History
      6. Should the external code system pages (in FHIR current build → Terminologies → Code Systems → External) be in UTG?
        1. If yes, should UTG have a copy of these, or should they be moved there (like the tabs for v2 and v3 code systems will be)?  Julie believes this should absolutely be done.  
          1. Note that these are hand-generated, and their content is focused on using the code systems in FHIR; it would have to be generalized to the other product lines.
          2. We can have a copy, a link, or move the information.  
            1. copy?  pros/cons
            2. move? pros/cons
            3. link?  pros/cons, and which direction?
            4. what is the governance of these manually maintained information pages?
        2. We will return to the discussion later to make progress.  It is noted that there have been a number of issues identified with the FHIR pages for these external terminologies.
    2. Discussion/Decision items
      1. The plan is STILL to:
        1. In order to deal with some gnarly build issues, the decision was made to also import FHIR value sets; these have been imported.
        2. The final cleanup is 99% done.
        3. Do the Initial Publication Release of UTG content May 1 or a shortly afterwards
        4. Launch the Live Pilot May 11
          1. We will try to get the training and materials asap
        5. Complete pilot in 1-2 weeks maximum
        6. Go over where we are with TSC and CTO, and seek Go-Live decision around May 25
        7. Announce Go-Live to membership and "turn it on" expect May to June
    3. Status
      1. All information is posted on the  UTG confluence pages and immediate priorities are on UTG Project Tasks broken down by milestone (i.e. publish Release 1 of content)

    4. Immediate Priorities
      1. Publish Release 1 of UTG Content, see the first two tables in UTG Project Tasks for tasks that need to be done prior to publishing Release 1

      2. Pilot prep 
        1. For Pilot test change proposals for the HL7 Terminology source of truth, we only want those proposals that have been endorsed explicitly and deliberately by the sponsoring WGs
        2. Vocab Co-chairs have been given reviewer permissions on Jira and are also in the Vocab OSG voting group (requirement for approval)
        3. Craig Newman, Rob Hausam, John Moehrke and Sheila Abner are participating
      3. Structured guidance for creating/modifying vocabulary content needs to be created prior to the Pilot
    5. Recent Progress
      1. Continued to address various content issues
        1. Working through the last of the build errors
      2. Open issues (content issues noted but no solutions designed yet) implemented in Workflow
      3. Request for Canonical URL for external body terminology added to workflow
      4. Also working on process to bypass Consensus Review for certain types of proposals 
        1. Technical Corrections - will only be able to be submitted by Oversight Group persons
        2. Still need to flesh out the workflow for ballot-bound objects
    6. Support needed from Vocab

      1. Working through documenting of the pages

      2. Verbiage for rendered content pages. NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS TOPIC (Rob M. suggests something stronger than volunteering) -

  7. Standardized Terminology Knowledge Base PSS (Carol/ Ioana Singureanu)
    1. There has been some feedback, and progress today.   Many email commentaries 
    2. The project team is working through the comments and changers to address the criticisms
  8. CPG Project - Profiles Guidelines (Rob McClure)
    We are apparently already too burned out to discuss details of changes (smile)  
    There are two profiles on ValueSets, the two are listed on the project page here.
    We have a need to clearly identify and then publish a release ValueSets that include expansions that are part of those value sets.  Thus a barebones FHIR implementation can use these value sets to support applications and not have to do expansions with full code system libaries available to it.   This really illustrates many of the items we have discussed for years about 'persisted expansions'.  This likely dovetails with the VSD-FHIR Profile work.   Is the best path forward to bring this and the VSD-FHIR project together?     
    Folks are encouraged to click on the link and be ready to speak more and make some decisions on our next call.

  9. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam)
    1. Carmela and Rob H. reviewed open JIRAs related to the CodeSystem resource and have 4 open tickets identified as ready to vote. 
    2. Not yet progress on update of ConceptMap
    3. All folks are requested to join the every other Thursday calls on this topic because without attendees no decisions can be made.  The calls alternative with these main Vocab calls.
    4. Please can folks attend the FHIR tracker calls on the off weeks, we need more people to attend the calls so that we can make progress on the trackers. 
    5. There are a few issues currently marked 'ready to vote'; please look these over as we hope to vote on them on the call next. (same time slot as this call next week). The JIRA query for this is: The JIRA query is named Vocab: ReadyForVote
    6. On last week's FHIR tracker call more tickets have been added into the 'ready to vote' bucket. 
    7. Tabled, out of time.   Next call

  10. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    Project is progressing.   Working on figuring out "default values" for the 3 notions.   Every call and meeting progress is being made, document defining these is out for review.  A great set of participants from a wide audience are now actively involved and participating.   Unknown if a document will be ready for ballot in September or not, all these items turn out to be harder than folks think once one begins digging into them.    Folks with questions or suggestions are urged to go to the Confluence page for the project.
    An AMIA panel topic was submitted for this in mid-November around HIMSS.

  11. Liaison Reports   
    1. ISO (Ted) - Fall 2020 meeting tentatively scheduled to be in India in October, but unknown what the status is.

    2. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - LOINC Spring meeting was cancelled.  Focus now is rapid release on the new release terms page at LOINC Prerelease page to support the emerging SARS-COV2 and Covid-19 tests.  Rob McClure is still trying to get a conversation going on consistency in identification released terminologies that contain pre-release terms; VSAC is providing access to the pre-release content, and they are naming them with a version that starts with a string indicating the pre-release and date (which makes sense).  It is being managed as a code system fragment, which also makes sense.   Seems to work great with all the different variants of expansions needed. 

    3. HTA (Carol/Reuben) - Work proceeding on the external URLs stuff.  Continuing work engaging CMS and CDC and others on external terminology URLs and content.    Work is also moving ahead on engagement with a number of international (outside the US) organizations and terminologies.   We do have now a published defined process for getting external URIs; the document can be found here.  Note that we may have various issues around HL7-defined URLs for many of these (e.g. ICD) that have been published for many years, but now the external bodies are beginning to step up and choosing to use ones that they approve that may be different. We need to come up with at least a policy, preferably a strategic process, to deal with changing URLs or using different ones from those published in the past.   How do we move in this direction?   Does this need a standing call slot on the Vocab call?  A new project?  A new call?

    4. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) - For now the Lisbon meeting is proceeding, but not yet a decision on virtual or face-to-face.  But one way or another it will happen. 

  12. New Business
    1. No new business

  13. Next call items
    1. Longer discussion with Grahame on the External code systems content pages and UTG is still needed. 
    2. We will spend more time next call on the other non-UTG items that we have been having to table for a long time.
    3. We will add a slot on the next call dealing with figuring out a policy around changing canonical URLs for 'external' terminologies. 

The call was ended and adjourned at 5:56PM EDT.  Next call scheduled for Thursday May 14, 2020 at 3:30PM Eastern US Time.   We will use the new Zoom service.

Action  Items


1 Comment

  1. Current UTG has entries like Snm which should not be there, or at least changed to be some sort of historical thing. Also, we need to define a plan to manage canonical url changes for code systems - is there a general approach managed by UTG? For example, CDCREC cs in USCore uses urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.6.238, in VSAC uses, The V3 space has pieces of this in different code systesm like, and, and I'm sure I missed some. If we use NamingSystem it would help to understand how.

    Other examples where we may need to help align: HSLOC has multiple "canonical" urls depending on terminology server use: VSAC has been using "" but they want to define a "official one" TBD.  Another example: SOP code system in VSAC: