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Management Minutes Approval 4/14Robin added additional notes to the minutes to review for approval on next call.
ChristolUS Realm Update

Today's call was cancelled.  The TSC confirmed Ron Parker as international counsel representative.

Next week will be discussion of principles for reuse of US Core

Also will be a discussion on the use of Proxies.  Lisa asked for a definition for proxies.  Christol provided a link.

No new PSSes right now, but might come in before the next meeting

AllConnectathon Virtual May 13-15 Updates?No updates.Gravity SDOH FHIR Connectathon Preparation Meetings
AllContinue discussion: 

How do we convey payer concepts such as subscriber dependents in the CARIN BB IG?  David Riddle provided a  member ID scenario as example.

Subscriber ID = 20005151
Subscriber’s Member Identifier = 2000515100
Spouse Dependent’s Member Identifier = 2000515101
Child Dependent A’s Member Identifier = 2000515102
Child Dependent B’s Member Identifier = 2000515103

Linda has been working on definitions for subscriber, dependent, etc. in a subgroup under FM.  See link.

Questions have come from the app developers, and the question have come on the use of Proxies (individuals empowered to access the data of another individual).

If Paul's Mom authorizes Paul as a proxy to access his Mom's data.  When Paul accesses a payer system to request his Mom's data, does he do so as "Paul" or "Paul's Mom"?

We also need to address situations where minor dependents are coming of age.  Today you might be able to access their records, but tomorrow when they turn 18, what can you access?

Bob - the Payer needs to grant a data requestor 2 things:

1) The Authorization for you to access the Payer's system at all

2) The scope of data you have access to (including who's data you can request, and potentially for what timeframe)

Pat will try to capture all the concepts and present to the group next week.

Concept/Nomenclature Definitions
Meeting adjourned at 3:37 PM EST

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  •  Follow-up with HL7 Web Master regarding issue with call-in information.  Government programs cannot use Free Conference Call or ZOOM.