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Attending WGM

Andrew Statler Cerner Corporation X
Anne Smith NCQA X
Brett Marquard Waveone/FEHRM
Carol Graham Clinical Architecture X
Chhavi Goyal eClinicalworks LLC X
Chinmay Sharma eClinicalWorks, LLC
Dale Owens Cerner
David Carlson MIE
David Riddle Cerner
Dian Zhang Interior Health
Didi Davis The Sequoia Project X
Ed Donaldson Office Practicum X
Emma Jones Allscripts
Erin Daves UHG
Gay Dolin Namaste Informatics X
Gene Beyer Cerner
George Wu Northern Health
Glenn Jenkins
Gowtham Kaladandi Optum
Jay Martens Interior Health Authority British Columbia Canada X
Jeff Helman SSA
Jessica Ordoyne Dynamic Health IT
John D'Amore Diameter Health
Joseph M Lamy AEGIS.Net (representing SSA)
Ken Chen Arkansas Department of Health
Ken Lord MDIX, Inc
Linda Michaelsen Optum X
Lisa Anderson NCQA X
Lisa Nelson MaxMD
Madhav Darji eClinicalWorks, LLC
Mani Samani Northern Health Authority X
Mat Davis Dynamic Health IT
Matt Elrod MaxMD X
Matt Szczepankiewicz Epic
Matthew Dugal Dynamic Health IT
Mike Jeanfreau Optum
Natalie Schweizer Northern Health (British Columbia)
Nivedha Hari Kumar Interior Health Authority X
Nudurupati Sindhusha Optum
Ozlem Kurt Dynamic Health IT, Inc.
Ramandeep Dhanoa Northern Health Authority
Raychelle Fernandez VP, Development and Implementation X
Rebeccah Baer X
Seth Turgay Interiro Health (BC) X
Sumanth Bandaru Dynamic Health IT
Terri Gabler Cerner
Vasu Iyengar
Vikram Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan eClinicalWorks
Vinaya Vishwanath eClinicalWorks, LLC X
Wendy Talbot NCQA X
Zhihong Wei MaxMD LLC X