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Date: 20200423 

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Ulrike Merrick


XAnthony JulianMayo Clinic
XUnited Healthcare
RKaiser Permanente
XVernetzt, LLC/APHL
X Altarum     
XEric HaasHealtheData, INC

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Management Minute ApprovalApprove minutes from last call by general consent
MethodologyBlock Vote

Motion to approve DaVinci Notifications Block Vote #4 as posted; no pulls received – Eric Haas, Riki Merrick, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 5

Management Next agenda

DaVinci Notifications Block Vote #5 posted on zulip – would like to post to list serve for consideration on the next call on May 6, 2020

Homework to review the updated data guidance document based on proposed changes from the FHIR-workflow call_

Decision tree document was updated on MnM call 2 weeks ago, is there a newer version?

Where do we go from here since the WGM was cancelled?

 Adjourned at 3:13 PM ET

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Block Vote

DaVinci Notifications Block Vote#4:

  1. J#26680 remove subsections for roles and actors based on J#26205 (ehaas) Persuasive
  2. J#26205 Roles versus Actors (nradov) Considered - Question answered
  3. J#26203 How is the canonical GraphDefinition reference supposed to be used by receivers. (ioana13) Considered - Question answered
  4. J#26196 too many typos (klsalzman) Considered - No action required
  5. J#26191 Additional guidance for error handling (pknapp) Considered - No action required
  6. J#26186 Security: de-Identification (ginocanessa) Considered - Question answered
  7. J#26181 Value Set Grouping (ginocanessa) Considered - Question answered
  8. J#26161 fix the summaries or remove since not commplete (ehaas) Persuasive with Modification
  9. J#26159 clarify must support rules1 (emmanurse) Not Persuasive
  10. J#26155 require support fo rthe US Core IG. (craig.newman) Considered - Question answered
  11. J#26151 "Why does this rule use ""MAY""" (craig.newman) Persuasive
  12. J#26138 What's the author field good for? (Isaac.Vetter) Not Persuasive with Modification
  13. J#26136 Metaphysical redirection? (Isaac.Vetter) Not Persuasive with Modification
  14. J#26104 Bundle Intent (Brian_Pech) Not Persuasive
  15. J#26100 Relationship to Argonaut Subscriptions (Brett.Marquard) Persuasive with Modification

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