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  • Bold is Hard HL7 Deadline.
  • Blue is soft HL7 Deadline.
  • Green is Da Vinci Da Vinci Deadline.

Early May Ballot Sign up is open!




Out of Cycle Ballot Request (covers the NIB info)

Completed (In and Approved) already



January 10 – 12, 2021


Report FHIR IG Publisher / Validator Issues (reported via Zulip Stream (#IG Creation) – IGs must be successfully published in CI Build)

Jan 10


Developer Mandatory Meeting



Ballot Signup Starts

Jan 20


FHIR IG Substantively Complete – n/a for this process, only for FHIR spec.

n/a Jan 21

Initial IG Content (Substantively Complete) – Start WG Approval Process (at the latest)

Jan 21


WG Review of FHIR IG*

Feb 2


QA Review with FMG (To be Confirmed) 

Feb 11

WG approved by date

Feb 12 (Sunday)

QA Period (apply changes identified by WG review)

Feb 13 - 14

Final IG Content 

    • Final content deadline – Lynn ( must be notified that your final content is ready
    • Checklist must be submitted
    • Complete updates to Configuration Files for JIRA Specification Feedback (JIRA Artifacts) 

Feb 15

Approval by FMG Feb 16

Ballot Readiness sign-off

Feb 17 - 18

Ballot Signup Ends

Feb 20

Ballot Voting Starts

Feb 21

2022MAY FHIR Connectathon Proposals Due

March 1

Ballot Voting Ends

March 23

Ballot Reconciliation Begins!


*February 2, 2022 – WG Review of FHIR IG

    • Must be handed over to WG by February 2, 2022 or the WG must have voted (and minuted) to accept a shorter QA period
    • Make sure you get on the agenda for the WG during these 2 weeks of QA Review and make sure they review and give approval for balloting

For the Submission Process details, see: FHIR Implementation Guide Process Flow; specifically  2. Submission

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