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Scott Robertson (Chair)Kaiserx
John Hatem (Scribe)Independent Consultantx
Isaac VetterEpic
Christof GessnerHL7 Germanyx
Shelly SpiroPharmacy HIT Collaborativex
Brad WiseHumana
Stephen ChuADHA
Danielle Bancroft
Corey SpearsMITREx
Frank McKinneyPOCP
Dave HillMITREx
Peter SergentHL7 New Zealandx
Joe Quinn

Tim McNeilSurescriptx
Reed D. GelzerTrustworthy EHRx
Margaret WeikerNCPDPx

Agenda Items and Notes

Meeting Notes from previous meeting

Project Review

Project Proposals

Project Scope Statements

Discussion of MedicationKnowledge changes (Jean Duteau)

  • - no discussion

Catalog Updates (John Hatem)

Workflow Update (John Hatem) 

  • - unable to attend Workflow meeting on Dec 6th.  Plan was to discuss Contract issues

Healthcare Product Update (John Hatem)

    • discussed device Jira's - no pharmacy impact
    • Open question is whether Pharmacy should reference Biological Derived Product resource in our Pharmacy resources, e.g. MedicationRequest, MedicationDispense, MedicationAdministration

NCPDP Updates (NCPDP Members)

    • NCPDP Task Group working on Patient Consent - for specialty prescribing
        • Meeting scheduled for December 9th
    • RealTime Pharmacy Benefit Check for Consumers
        • Meeting scheduled for December 13th
    • Consultant Pharmacist Task Force
    • Specialty Enrolment PSS (Frank/Maggie)
        • Meeting scheduled for December 7th

Meeting information can be obtained at

Global Supply Chain Project (Scott)


Medication List Guidance project (John)

  • - no updates this week
    • Reviewed at a high level the current work


Pharmacy Templates

  • - items below are carried over from last week 
    • waiting for requirements from Christof and then will decide on next steps for new version
    • Still waiting for approval of change request in Europe
      • additional elements to be added - part relationship

PDex Formulary (Corey)

  • - items below are carried over from last week
    • Bulk Data change - not specifically included in the scope of the PSS - but PSS is not specific to formulary
      • Need to look at the scope of the PSS to be clear about what the PSS is about

Medication List Project from EHR 

    • Scott R provide some background and context for the discussion and introduced Reed Gelzer 
    • Reed provided a summary overview of the current work and answered several questions. Focus is US Realm.  Reed did share he expects the work to be taken up by a new facilitator and that the work is expected to start sometime in Feb 2022. 
      • Project Candidate 09 10 2021 NCPDP.pdf   slides used during meeting by Reed
      • There is not a PSS for the past work and as such no formal HL7 deliverables.  I characterize the past work as a requirements and information gathering with a focus driven by CMS Reducing Clinician Burden.  Out of a clinical focus group discussion, it was decided to outline a Medication Reconciliation workproduct. 
      • There is a plan for producing a FHIR IG (v4) and some additional work being discussed regarding APIs. This is very new work, and no PSS exists yet for this work.  Focus appears to be US Realm
      • John H promised to reach out to Reed and share what we have been doing within Pharmacy regarding Medication Lists. 


International Patient Access

FHIR (Group)

BR&R managed resources review

  • no recent meetings

New Resource - FormularyItem

  • January 21 - new resource proposal deadline for May 2022 ballot

Preparation for Normative

  • Melva to work with John about QA needed

Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers (see trackers for details / resolutions)

Any Other Business

Next meeting

  • December 13, 2021