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Management Minutes Approval - 4/6Minutes approved.

HL7 PIE WG Follow up on the Cross-Paradigm Guide (for publishing)  Lisa Nelson motioned to vote for approval to publish and Lenel James seconded the motion.

VOTE:  25-0-2

Pub Request - HL7 Cross Paradigm Storyboard – Payer Perspective, Value Based Care

US Realm Update 4/6, 4/13 mtg cancelled

Fast track because of COVID 19.  PSS for Novel Epidemic.  Looking for international council member to join US Realm.US Realm Steering Committee

Connectathon 24 – Virtual May 13-14-15th


2020-05 Dental Data Exchange - Russ O and Jean N attending

Registration fee is $100 to join the virtual connectathon.  Greg Zeller - Two cases in the dental track.  CDS and VA DSS.  Medical to dental, dental to dental, referrals, CCD & FHIR.  Lloyd and Lantana are helping. 

2020-05 Track Proposal Template

Pat Taylor

FM/PIE (Da Vinci/ CARIN)

Subscriber and Dependent issue for all - except Medicare Advantage or Medicare FFS 

Documentation start for the coverage resource may be: Coverage Identifiers: FHIR R4 Member Identifier, Subscriber ID, Dependent Number

Pat Taylor - See Health Plan Identifiers slide, EOB search example, consumer directed search and Payer Business rules.  Stan asked a question about information blocking in regard to the payer business rules.  Can a Proxy be given access to data/records/benefits.  Business process of setting up login for third party APIS.  Bob - portal vs app.  Lisa - server/client.  Bob - standard approach scope.  Mary Kay - access to all.  What is done today?Coverage Identifiers: FHIR R4 Member Identifier, Subscriber ID, Dependent Number
Management Next agenda my require an hour and half meeting to continue Carin discussion.  Also discuss bank scenario. 

 Adjourned at 3:32 PM EST

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