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WGM Sydney




04 Feb 2020


Present: Harold_Solbrig, David_Booth_(remote), Brian_Pech


Chair - Brian Pech

Scribe - dbooth


Minutes approval

David made a motion to approve all 16 outstanding minutes from Jan 15, 2019 through Jan 16, 2020.
<inserted> List of minutes:
Harold seconded.
Approved: 2/0/0.

Update on JSON-LD 1.1 for FHIR/RDF

harold: Currently we have python and other implementations that will convert FHIR from JSON to RDF.
... But we've been exploring an easier way to do it using the latest JSON-LD 1.1 revision.
Harold's slides
harold: We made a JS playground for playing with converting FHIR/JSON to FHIR/RDF, by forking the JSON-LD Playground and adding to it:
(slide 5)
harold: Our next step is to propose a revision to the RDF to make it easier to use. We're calling that R5.
... There's a python implementation to convert FHIR/JSON to FHIR/RDF using JSON-LD 1.1. And you can also try it in our playground.
... links on the slides are to working playground examples.
... One of the big uses of FHIR/RDF is translational community that joins clinical with environmental info. Another is drug path, prescriptions and diagnoses to chemicals and mechanism of action.
david: There seems to be more interest in FHIR/RDF from outside of HL7 than inside!
harold: on our Jan 16 FHIR/RDF teleconference we had 24 people on the call!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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