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  • Introducing Ryan Argentieri, our ONC Liaison
  • SANER in the News
  • Connectathon planning begins today
  • Actor and Transaction Review (follow up with John)
  • Security Considerations Review (follow up with John)
  • Audit Event Content Review (not a priority for connectathon)
  • Identify Use Cases (see User Stories) and Measure Development
    1. Draft
      1. CDC/NHSN
      2. FEMA
    2. Experimental
      1. PPE
      2. Gender and Age Strata (consider race/ethnicity)
      3. Diagnostic Testing Resources
      4. Staffing Measures
      5. SDOH Indicators
  • Measure Examples
  • Measure Execution Tools (not a priority for connectathon)
    1. FHIRPath
    2. CQL
    3. ?
  • Actor and Option CapabilityStatement (lower priority)
  • Value Set Reviews
    1. Bed Classification
    2. Ventilator Value Set
    3. Refer to Logica work
      1. Laboratory Orders Codes (Codes identifying a COVID Test Result)
      2. Laboratory Result Codes (Codes identifying a COVID Test Result)
      3. Laboratory Result Values (Codes identifying a positive/negative test SARS-COV-2 Virus (Organism))
    4. PPE Value Set
    5. Staffing Training Categories and Status
  • SearchParameter Resource Definitions for Extended Search (experimental for Connectathon)
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1 Comment

  1. Regarding Lab Order and Result Codes, please see the LOINC PreRlease COVID-19 terms, which would be used to map the order and result from the performing lab:

    Regarding Result Values, the performing lab should be mapping to the SNOMED CT qualifier value for OBX5, per the ELR guide, required by law in the US.  Clinical laboratories are advised by CDC NOT to attempt viral isolation (method which would be used to identify the virus/organism, so folks wouldn't be reporting SCT organism codes if not identifying.)  Looking at LOINCs, all the result values are either numeric (which would be uncoded by terminology, but include UCUM units), or Qualitative (Presence, Detected, etc).   The performing lab must report out the rest result value indicated on the manufacturer package insert.