The implementation guides provides FHIR profiles for COVID-19 related data and is available for reference AT NO COST.

In the message I received announcing the availability of this work Logica states, "Our goal is to provide immediate help in the current crisis, not in 6 months from now, so we are publishing artifacts as soon as possible, recognizing they will not be perfect or comprehensive, but useful. With feedback from early reviews and implementations we will iteratively publish corrections and additional content, as fast as we can."

The work is copyrighted by Logica with all rights reserved. However, all assets are available under Open Source license free of charge and are targeted at health systems and HIT implementors to rapidly produce semantically interoperable solutions across vendor platforms. The models are provided without warranty or guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or fit for purpose.  Initial assets include clinically prioritized:

  • FHIR R4 profiles.
  • Value sets using proper LOINC, SNOMED, and vendor agnostic codes. 

Initial focal categories are:

  • Demographics
  • Organizational Data
  • Vital Signs
  • Exposure History
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnostics Tests (labs, O2 sat..)
  • Diagnosis

Logical is seeking additional feedback on their work.

Here's more information on who Logica is:

Logica Sandbox and Gallery, formerly known as HSPC (the Healthcare Services Platform Consortium) Sandbox and Gallery.

Mailing address is:


812 W Lucky Clover Cir

Salt Lake City, UT 84123-4586

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