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Discussion Minutes

  1. Agenda Topics Review and Approval
  2. Proposal to change the HL7 HCD WG Name to "Devices" (DEV)
    1. See Referenced Information below
    2. Group discussed the proposal to simplify the WG name from "Health Care Devices (HCD)" to "Devices (DEV)"
    3. All were in favor of making the change; previously it had received strong support from all co-chairs as well
    4. Motion proposed by: Rhoads, Seconded Petronelli, vote 7 approving, 0 against, 0 abstaining
      1. NOTE:  Includes one "proxy" vote from Gora Datta via Todd Cooper
  3. Joint HL7/IHE/IEEE SDC+FHIR Device Interoperability Discussion
    1. Todd briefed the group on the proposed "SDC+FHIR Device Interoperability" joint project between IEEE 11073, IHE Devices and HL7 Devices
      1. Intent is to forge closer collaboration and coordination between numerous closely related projects loosely labeled "SDC+FHIR"
      2. This includes Devices on FHIR IG development that includes normative mapping from IEEE 11073 SDC standards, the IHE "SDPi" supplement that includes gateway actors to HL7 FHIR and V2 messaging
      3. Proposal is to use IHE WebEx calling services (may add Zoom when available from HL7), HL7 Confluence / JIRA / BitBucket for project development activities, as well as other collaboration tools provided by the organizations
      4. Note that a JIRA item has been submitted to advance the topic within HL7 leadership (pre PSS process flow step)
      5. Next Steps include:
        1. Creation of an HL7 SDC-FHIR email list
        2. Creation of a top-level Confluence page within HL7 Devices that anchors all development activity related to SDC+FHIR  (Page would use "sdc-fhir" in the base title)
        3. Link in IHE SDPi development calls to the HL7 DEV calendar
    2. Challenges using JIRA for project work and issue management was discussed; hopefully 

NOTE:  FCC "hosting" challenges meant that the group was never able to use screen sharing.

Referenced Information

The following message was sent out to both the Health Care Devices WG list and the Devices on FHIR list on March 26th:

Topic:  Proposal to change HL7 HCD to DEV

When the HL7 "devices" WG was formed 15+ years ago, the intent was to provide a "landing page" for anyone who came to HL7 that was interested in device informatics and interoperability. From that beginning, it was clear that there were other places in HL7 where device-related topics were treated, including O&O for laboratory systems (vs. POCT devices), or imaging technology, and the WG scope and charter has consistently reflected that. The WG title of "health care devices" was carefully crafted to make it clear that the primary focus was on point-of-care device, typically patient connected, and not consumer devices or other mobile technologies. In other words, devices directly used in the delivery of "health care" to patients.

Over these last 15 years, though, the world of device informatics has changed significantly, with many of the traditional lines (such as regulated-ness) being blurred and with device-sourced information seamlessly being shared across organizations (intra- & inter-) and across geographies. Health software has also evolved and matured within the industry, including the definition of Software as a (regulated) Medical Device (SAMD), the integration of new transport technologies (including IoT) and new computational technologies, such as embedded ML algorithms.

Recognizing these changes in the device informatics world, groups such as IHE Patient Care Devices (PCD) have recently decided to re-brand and simplify to "Devices", and to internally integrate not only healthcare enterprise IHE profiles (mostly leveraging HL7 V2 & IEEE 11073 standards), but also Personal Connected Health (PCH) and Device Point-of-care Interoperability (DPI), to cover the entire subject area. SAMD is also clearly integrated into this work, as well as the HIMSS/[PCHAlliance - Continua efforts.

Since HL7 DEV works closely with IHE DEV, it would be helpful to coordinate the same WG name, simply "Devices". This is completely consistent with the original intent of forming the DEV WG in HL7 in the first place, namely to have a "home" for device informatics as a "Start Here..." location that is easily found by anyone looking for that in HL7. Note that since its creation, the WG has been alternatively referred to as "DEV" and "HCD", with the former being quickly recognized but the latter ... undecipherable.


Based on the HL7 GOM (9.2.2), the following steps are required:

1) WG approval of the name change (in accordance with the DEV WG DMPs)
     * Co-chairs have strongly supported moving forward
     * NEXT WG discussion & decision
2) Update the Mission & Charter reflecting the new name
3) Complete the WG Change Form "name change" section indicating the date of the WG approval.
4) Forward to HL7 staff (Anne Wizauer) for review & processing ...
5) Completed / reviewed name change form will be forwarded to the SD
6) SD review and approval of the name change (with minimally modified Mission & Charter statements)
7) @ approval, HL7 staff and DEV WG leadership will collaborate to make the necessary changes and send out notifications to WG & Affiliate co-chairs

Question for the April 3rd WG decision call::

Do you support changing the HL7 WG name from:

Healthcare Care Devices (HCD)


Devices (DEV)

NOTE: No substantive change to the WG scope, mission or charter is being requested at this time.