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    Roll CallLC
    • Wayne Kubick
    • David Johnson
    • Lorraine Constable
    • Tony Julian
    • Lloyd McKenzie
    • Ted Klein
    • Jean Duteau
    • Josh Procious
    • Marc Duteau
    • Andrew Statler
    • Dave Hamill
    • Jessica Snell
    • Patrick Loyd
    • Melva Peters
    • Austin Kreisler 
    Ballot ProjectLM/MP
    • work has begun on gforge issues that have been approved and voted but never transitioned to a closed state (1000+). Jira wasn't set up for that. Transitioned so they are in the correct state
    • added an admin function to make it easier to correct fields in error states
    • chatted with Josh about challenges migrating content from dev to prod 
    • question regarding loading of ballot spreadsheets from last ballot 
    • how do we tell when everything is loaded?
    • Melva's question on scripts for loading from Gforge to Jira - are they FHIR specific? Yes, they are. Will need to work out how to migrate.
    Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
    • The issue: id's for status, custom field, workflow, and other Jira configurable elements are getting out of sync between Development and Production environments which causes code to be error filled when it's promoted from dev to prod.

      The research: Jira comes out of the box with a very low resolution answer to saving a project from one instance and importing it into another. Because of this, there are many add-ons available (which the community at large rely on to accomplish this). To date, the most complete add-on I've found is Configuration Manager (which is also the most installed per the Atlassian Market Place and backed by the Community). This allows system, project, and project with issue snapshots to be used for export/import. It captures those names and id's for status, custom fields, workflows, filters, dashboards, and screens and handles mapping them through native Jira processes from one instance to another via a user interface with selections. However, because Jira id's for all those mentioned areas above are created based on sequence, installed app, and configuration, Configuration Manager does not ensure that the same id is used from instance to instance but rather that the id is mapped correctly to the name. Additionally, Configuration Manager cannot guarantee that id's referenced in scripts exist given the way that validation takes place. For example: If "issue type = 123 then do this, if not be cool" If the id of that issue type is not verified the same as the initiating system where it was tested (dev) then it will not pass even if it is the same named issue type and actually should pass.

      The proposed solution: Take it upon ourselves to mandate unique names across all those configurable objects, convert code that currently exists to reference names rather than id's (this will require some extra code because the function to call by name has been deprecated in java and now you must call a name list and then pick from that), require code moving forward to be referenced by name, and provide a detailed explanation of this poor setup's cost to our organization to Atlassian. (some already exist)

      Lloyd and I have discussed and this is my summary from our discussion and what I have found.
    • This will require re-factoring of lots of code to fix this and testing, with the challenge that this is a migration test and we only have two environments
    • Other issues - change how ballot submission link to ballot definitions. And a few other feature fixes
    • issue list is currently google docs, and local notes
    JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
    • precepts - draft and review forms. Where to publish?
    • Talk to Ken about how this might fit in with co-chair handbook and TSC policies, for example
    STU Comment Jira MigrationMP
    • Don Lloyd will put a plan in place for how we need to approach. 
    Gforge Tracker Jira MigrationMP
    • Have been reaching out to owners of trackers. Most have said they can be archived. Some have asked for read access
    • Later will look at migrating to Jira
    • Reaching out to owners of Jira projects to see if they can be archived. Most did not need them. A few groups wanted to keep theirs, ArB and Devices in particular. 
    • Definition of an Action Item vs an Issue. Rough definition- action items are related to minutes, issues related to products
    • Meeting next with with v2 and CDA regarding specification feedback for those product families
    UTG ProjectTK
    • working through content and development issues

    • still targeting May
    Other projectsWK/JP
    • set up check in and check out for sharing zoom licenses
    Announcements / AdministrationLC

    Next call April 17?