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New HL7 Antitrust Policy

The HL7 Antitrust Policy was approved as part of the last GOM revision (section 05 Antitrust compliance). The following must be added to the minutes for each meeting.

              Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws.  HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement.  Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust policy as stated in s05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM)

Alix asked if ANSI will be replaced by this antitrust HL7 policy.  Rachel felt that it would have to be the same for all meetings.
Management Minutes Approval  10/12/21 Approved by consensus 

New PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

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  4. (enter "C" in "Status" filter for "consensus-review"

No interest in  "Breast Cancer FHIR IG" or COVID at Home Test Report.

Management reminders

1. Key January 2022 Ballot dates

US Core 2022 January Ballot

2. code of conduct review  https://www.hl7.org/legal/code-of-conduct.cfm

Reminder that sessions can be recorded if everyone on the call gives permission.
Mark RCARIN Digital ID Card updatesPer Adam, the NIB was approved and moving along towards balloting.  Working on FHIR build and will get it to the WG for review soon.  See key dates for Jan ballot for deadlines.

As part of the Agile Standards review, your Work Group identified a number of specifications to be retired.  For these specifications, a withdrawal ballot is required to retire (and withdraw from ANSI as appropriate).  The TSC has waived the requirement for each Work Group to create a PSS for the withdrawal for this ballot.  I have created draft NIBs for the following specifications to be withdrawn. Please review the draft NIB(s) for your Work Group and complete the remainder of the information, vote to approve in your Work Group and submit the NIB for the January 2022 Ballot cycle.  The NIB deadline is October 31st.  Please ensure that you have completed the NIB, voted on it and submitted it by that date.

HL7 Implementation Guidance for Unique Object Identifiers(OIDs), Release 1


HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® R2 - Supplement to Consolidated CDA for Attachments, Release 1


Discussed with WG and Christol and Durwin will meet with Melva P on completing withdrawal for these 2 old ballots.  Christol completed the two withdrawal NIBS.


Apologies for the delay in getting my review of the LOINC dental codes back to you. I added a column in the attached spreadsheet with my comments.

I suggest the next steps would be to submit a request for new codes as well as those that have questionable mappings. The LOINC team can review internally and then present to either the LOINC/RSNA Committee or Clinical Committees as needed.

Regarding for “Global Transplant”, I recommend also submitting a request for this as well. If you can include de-identified examples or other type of documentation, that would be great. We may end up requiring it anyway in order to process the request.

Let me know if you have any questions!Thanks,Jami

For Dental, will request additions to LOINC.  Alberto and Rose would like to attend that meeting.

For Medical, there is no mapping of 837I and 837P like there is for 837D.  For Global Transplant, services could span 1 to 15 months, so what LOINC code would be used.  Gail will research if that would be called something else, such as, bundled claims and records

Attachment IG: HL7 CDA® R2 Attachment Implementation Guide: Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents, Release 2
US Realm

  1. Fixed the table in C.3, scrubbed revision history, various other cleanups).  A couple outstanding issues
  2. The cover page will likely need to be updated – Lynn Laakso will be able to provide us with the template to use when we get to publishing, so I’m not worrying about that for now.
  3. We have a lot of what appear to be “links” in this document that really aren’t links – they’re just formatted to look like they are. Unless those links are important, the easy fix is just to fix the formatting to not look like a link anymore.
Christol will clean-up the document and send it out for final review.  If approved, then send out the publication request.
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Adjourned at 3:10 PM EST

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