Chair:  Howard Strasberg 

Scribe: Kensaku Kawamoto 

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2021-09-08 Meeting Agenda

WGM Minutes: September 2021 CDS-CQI WGM Agenda

Call minutes approved by general consensus.

WGM minutes approval:

Motion: Brian Alper. Second: Khalid Shahin. Approved 9-0-0.

Ballot Schedule

January 2022 Ballot Cycle  
October 31 NIB Deadline + FHIR IG Publisher/Validator Issues Reported
November 23 FHIR IG QA Content Freeze
December 5 Final Content Deadline

May 2022 Ballot Cycle
October 8, 2021 Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
December 19, 2021 TSC Approval of the PSS
February 27, 2022 NIB Deadline

September 2022 Ballot Cycle
February 4, 2022 Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
April 17, 2022 TSC Approval of the PSS
TBD, NIB Deadline

Reviewed upcoming ballot schedule.

Announce that a CRD workflow discussion to take place on the CRD call 10/6


GELLO Reaffirmation Ballot

  • GELLO Reaffirmation ballot didn't pass, 2 negatives
    • Do we want to withdraw or do a recirculation ballot

Motion to do a recirculation ballot (Ken Kawamoto, Guilherme Del Fiol): 6 affirmative, 0 negative, 4 abstentions.

Withdraw GELLO CDS Model Definition IG

Deferred to future call.

EBM-on-FHIR Trackers:

FHIR-32322 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Add codes to Citation related value sets 

FHIR-34015 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add 33 elements to PlanDefinition Resource to support Recommendation Profile.

Simple items to clear open FHIR trackers

    1. FHIR-33119 - Getting issue details... STATUS Change relatesTo elements in Citation to RelatedArtifact Datatype (duplicate to 2 other approved votes: FHIR-32795, FHIR-31742)
    2. FHIR-31694 - Getting issue details... STATUS -- change “eg” to “e.g.,” in Evidence Resource content page
    3. FHIR-31758 - Getting issue details... STATUS -- proposed change to Statistic Datatype is moot, Statistic Datatype removed
    4. FHIR-31642 - Getting issue details... STATUS -- Scope and Usage change for Citation Resource - already applied

FHIR-33421 - Getting issue details... STATUS Change Citation.citedArtifact.webLocation.type to Citation.citedArtifact.webLocation.classifier with ArtifactUrlClassifier value set

Discussion for creation of ArtifactComment Resource --  see Resource Proposal for the ArtifactComment Resource

FHIR-31867 - Getting issue details... STATUS FYI that EvidenceReport Resource will become Profile of Composition, then we will create EvidenceSubject Profile of EvidenceVariable.

FHIR-32308 - Getting issue details... STATUS Clarify proper code to specify a “usual” and “official” Identifier

FHIR-32645 - Getting issue details... STATUS Discuss concept of CanonicalReference Datatype

FHIR-32781 - Getting issue details... STATUS -- The type of  Citation.differential[0].summary and Citation.snapshot[0].summary is ContactDetail but should be BackboneElement – I can’t find where the problem is showing itself.

See tracker items for disposition.  Reviewed and extensively discussed FHIR-34015 (resolution in tracker)
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 Adjourned at 1pm ET.

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