Date: 18 Jan 2022

Quarter: Q4

Agenda confirmed - may not need Wednesday Q5 for Marketplace ballot reconciliation


Passed ballot - 0 negative votes, 30 affirmative


Passed ballot 3 negatives, 33 affirmative - negatives to be resolved tomorrow Q4


Failed ballot  - 24 negative, 16 affirmative. Most of the negative votes are block votes by EPIC and VA. Several issues can be resolved with some updates to language. Other negatives may require more change/discussion - to be examined on Thursday Q4, Q5

iVA BLueprint

Latest update to the VA iVA BLueprint presented by KR and RP - will be provided for distribution

RP - " We were trying to connect the dots for people that interoperability considerations begin even before you get to the business architecture stage, that the business architecture may be affected by maturity of available interoperability resources, and that realization of business capabilities is dependent on ensuring interoperability is fit-for-purpose."

Issue - How to connect this to the HSRA work?

Quarter: Q5

FHIR for FAIR reconciliation

BALDEF-2062 - 2022-Jan HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: FHIR for FAIR, Release 1 BALLOTED

Reconciliation will continue Thursday Q5

Date: 19 Jan 2022

Quarter: Q4

Health Services Platform MarketPlace (project #1436) Ballot reconciliation 

PL presented proposed draft ballot comment dispositions in a spreadsheet.

3 X negative comments by BVH were discussed in detail with BVH in attendance. Clarification of the differentiation between a Platform Independent Model (PIM) as is the current Marketplace STU and

a Platform Specific Model (PSM) such as an implementation guide, was helpful in understanding the scope of the current project. It was suggested that a future project focusing on a platform specific approach (FHIR and others)

would be useful. This will be discussed further offline. Downloadable Artifacts included in the body of the specification will be grouped together at the end of the document in order to make them more easily accessible by implementers. Some minor amendments to the proposed dispositions were performed online to reflect the discussion. Rest of minor comments and dispositions were worked through and agreed

Motion: The SOA WG accepts the proposed amended comment dispositions for all ballot comments for project #1436 from the January 2022 ballot

Proposed: PL

Seconded: RP

Vote: 0/3/4

The updated document (to be completed by PL following comment disposition, will be presented at a future SOA TC for publication approval

Date: 20 Jan 2022

Quarter: Q4

Health Service Reference Architecture (Porject #1407)

January 2022 Ballot comment resolution

Ballot vote was 16 affirmative,  24 negative and 58 abstentions - There were 7 distinct (non-duplicate) negative comments

The following presentation outlining the proposed approach to resolving comments was presented by SL

Jan 2022 WGM - Health Service Reference Architecture (HL7-HSRA) Release 1 ballot reconciliation.pptx

Issues fell into the following brad categories:

  • Missing references - Document generation error in some sections
  • General language revision required
  • Architectural comments: Question as to relationship of current document to other reference architectures - Plan: Add section (appendix) describing relationship between HSRA and ISO 23903 and note that this will be addressed further in later version as pattern catalogue fully developed
  • Naming: Suggestion rename to Healthcare Interoperable Service Reference Architecture - general agreement with this.  SL to action this with HL7 central
  • FHIR transport - temporal data expectations - unclear what is meant here - need to enquire for further explanation. - SL to action
  • Relationship between static and dynamic models - to be further addressed in the pattern catalogue section. SL to discuss with commenter

Final disposition of comments will be progressed on the SOA weekly calls - commenters who were not present at the session to be specifically invited to participate.

General language revision to be initially undertaken by VM (SL to provide editable version of document)

Plan at this stage is to re-ballot in May 2022 but a firm decision will be made once all negative comments have been addressed

Quarter: Q5

FHIR for FAIR ballot (project #1651) reconciliation continued

Comment resolution is being done directly in JIRA and each disposition is being voted on individually. These can be viewed in the JIRA Ballot tool

Approx. 80% complete with no major changes. A number of comments have requested updates to content describing 3rd party implementations - these will be referred for input

and a final vote on comment disposition to take place during subsequent TCs

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Set goals, objectives or some context for this meeting.

Discussion items


VA presented their Interoperability Blueprints document.  This is an example as a reference architecture.

Action items

  • Vincent McCauley Define next steps after JIRA ballot when comment disposition complete

  • Stefano Lotti - Provide presentation to VM for minutes
  • Stefano Lotti  - provide editable version of HISRA for VM language review
  • Vincent McCauley - set up SOA weekly calls Tuesday 17:00 ET commencing 1.Feb.22
  • Preston Lee  - integrate changes from ballot comments into final document and present at next SOA TC for consideration for publication