1. HL7 Devices WG vote to approve the publication of the Anesthesia intra-operative Domain Information Model by HL7. This pretty much the last step in stimulating the official issuance of this fine work, which will be the base on which further work in the Devices WG will be done, as previously discussed
  2. Discussion of scheduling matters for next week’s HL7 Plenary and Work Group Virtual Meeting
  3. And finally, more planning for the next iteration of the FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide


John Donnelly, IntePro Solutions
Sneh (pron. "Snay"), Scottcare Cardiovascular Systems
Danielle Sill, Public Health Informatics Institute
John Garguilo, US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Brian Reinhold, Lamprey Networks
Dalibor Pokrajak
Joe Quinn, HSX
Koichiro Matusmoto, Nihon Kohden

Meeting Notes

A quorum being present, Todd Cooper moved that the HL7 Devices WG approve for HL7 publication the HL7 Anesthesia Intra-Procedural Domain Analysis Model

Moved: Todd Cooper, Seconded: John Garguilo. 2 in favor, 0 opposed, John Rhoads not voting (because presiding WG co-chair for this meeting)

Q&A and contact suggestions for Personal Health Devices, and FHIR background and references for new meeting participants Sneh and Danielle

Worked though scheduling allocations for next week's HL7 Plenary and WGM

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