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Chair:  Russ Leftwich

Scribe:  Jim McClay

CIC Thursday Call Information

Standing CIC and Project Calls


  • Second Thursday Calls = Report outs:  mCODE, Breast Cancer, Pain, CREDS, HRex, Vanguard
  • Fourth Thursday Calls = All Things Registries Collaboration.  Harmonization of the Frameworks. 

Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

To join the call, visit the Conference Calling Center or reference CIC e-mails

To sign up for calls, visit the Conference Calling Center

Regular CIC Calls: at 2:00 ET

     Second Thursday: Cancer Interoperability – All things Cancer (Breast Cancer, mCODE, plus Pain)

     Fourth Thursdays: All things Registries & HRex, VANGUARD

Topic Calls:

CA Interoperability: Every Wednesday 1000-1100 ET

Breast Cancer:     Every Wednesday: 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

HRex: In STU phase; no present calls.

mCODE: (Cancer Interoperability Calls - Tuesday 2-3 PM ET)

Agenda Topics

Agenda Item

 Discussion and Responsibilities

Minutes and Decisions 
Getting meeting started

 Minutes Approval (3 minutes)

Request to approve by consensus. Approved - 7/22/21 Jim/Chris

Today's Update: 

2021-08-12 CIC Conference Call

Agenda items for today:

1) mCode Block Vote and discussion

Project Proposals & Retiring Standards & E-votes (8 minutes)

Discuss active Project Proposals and Project Scope Statements (PSS)

Today's Update:

Past Update:

ICHOM Presentation (30 Min): Plans for ICHOM Clinical Standard Sets on FHIR ( HL7 Council August 2021.pptx)

See attached slides

Q1: Coverage - country map

Q2: OMOP mapping from ICHOM data model

Q3: First use case is breast cancer  - how will this interdigitate with existing HL7 BC standards (mCode) - Bruce Bray notes significant overlap. Need to attempt to harmonize since already coded in EHR.

Q4: Marti Velezis VANGUARD group checks on ICHOM. Looking for minimal core data sets. Different view on ICHOM standards.

Scope of first FHIR IG - adding to existing IG to cover gap to include ICHOM standard.

Next Step: set up harmonization call to Draft Project Scope Statement.

Robert Dieterle suggests overlap with GRAVITY project common frameworks for quality and outcomes measures.

Vote on formation of new work group called "Human and Social Services Work Group"

Discussion without resolution

  • Russell Leftwich Put Human and Social Services Work Group formation out for eVote

New PSS review/Vote (POLST Portable Medical Orders CDA IG PSS-1827 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Bruce Bray moved to approve

Vadim Peretokin Second

Vote:10-0-0 Approved


Karen Thullner update on imaging.


Second  Thursday:


May Terry

Mark Kramer

Saul Kravitz 

Target Dates:    

Today's Update:

1) mCODE STU2 Block Vote 4

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Pulled FHIR-32836 from vote at this time.

Discussion of FHIR-32836 - Getting issue details... STATUS : there is an issue with value set codes. Expect to return as part of a block vote.

2) Discussion of FHIR-32839 Saul Kravitz 

Modality and Technique Value Sets for Brachytherapy Treatment Phase, Radiotherapy Course...

Combinations are to be enforced by invariants vs suggestion from  David Pyle for a hierarchical value set (example: Purpose of Use value set)

  • Mark Kramerdiscussion of interaction between specification and user interface design.

Value set will be published in implementation guide and on HL7 terminology server. Value set maintenance as part of STU process.

(Slide Deck)

 Sherita Alai Discussion of definitions and data sets concerning radiotherapy (part of mCODE).

issue 1: Seeking clarification of difference between Modality and Technique  and reasoning for 3 lists of values

Martin von Siebenthal clarified differences between value sets for Brachytherapy and Teleradiotherapy.

(Slide deck)

compare to NCI CDE Public ID 7063723 (

Brachytherapy techniques are a little different.

  • Plan for a follow up discussion on the next call concerning mCODE and NCI value sets


Saul Kravitz Motion - FHIR 32839 "persuasive with modification - modification -provide clarity on radiation oncology terms with improved definitions." 

  • Janice Knable points out that NCI has trials underway who are using existing versions. Same intent, different wording. 
  • James Tcheng recommends tabling the motion for further investigation.
  • Sherita Alai moved to table, David Pyke seconded -
  • Invite designated technologist/SME to next call (Susan Matney or Rute Martins

Mark Kramer will followup

Past Update:

vote on Block Vote 2

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

please pull 32279 and 32281 and 32245 from this vote

motion to approve the remaining items in Block Vote 2 made by Saul Kravitz, 2nd by Marti Velezis, ; abstain = 2, opposed = 0, approved =5. 

Second Thursday:

Breast CA Radiology Richard R. Esmond  Karen Thullner  

Target Dates:    

Normative ballot: Jan 2022   

Publication Request: Feb 2022   

Receive ANSI approval/Project end: April 2022

Today's Update: 

Past Update

Discussion of ECI values

FHIR-32279 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Discussion of ECI values between Mark Kramer and Marti Velezis concerning missing values.

May have partial information in calculating comorbidity index - individual elements collected without calculating score.

Motion: Propose adding explanation for not having calculation - persuasive with modification.

Vote 9-0-0

FHIR-32281 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Marti Velezis recommends updating to explain following ECI rule of "when comorbid condition is unknown or absent it should be set to "absent"

Mark Kramer MOTION: call issue persuasive with mod and remove unknown from value set. Marti Velezis second

Vote: 9-0-0

New Block Vote: mCODE FHIR IG STU2 Block Vote 3

Sherita Alai asking to pull FHIR-32839 - Getting issue details... STATUS and FHIR-32431 - Getting issue details... STATUS as a corollary

All agreed.

MOTION: Saul Kravitz Approve block vote withholding 32839 and 32431

Second: Marti Velezis

Vote: 9-0-0

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Disputed items pulled from block vote discussed and resolved.  Vote needed on items FHIR 31327 and FHIR 31326. 

Second Thursday:

Pain Assessment Project

Susan Matney

Target Dates:    

Today's Update:

Past Update:

SM called for attention to this at the recent NKBD towards getting implementors.  Connect this project to the MCC eCare Plan project and their use case that could use Pain. 


Fourth Thursday:

CREDS - Registries

Keith W. Boone

James Tcheng

 Target Dates: 

Today's Update: 

Past Update:

IG proposal vote needed Protocols for Clinical Registry Extraction and Data Submission

Motion made to approve the IG proposal made by David P/2nd by Jimmy T. Abstain = 0; oppose = 0; approve 7

Fourth Thursday: 


Robert Dieterle

Today's Update: 

Past Update:

Lloyd Test McKenzie requests time on  second Thursday agenda for update on HRex

Fourth Thursday:


Marti Velezis

Kevin M. Baskin


Next Target ballot could be an informative ballot Jan 22

Today's Update:

Past Update:

Marti Velezis VANGUARD continues work on device related value sets.

Administrative: Review of Agenda/Key HL7 Deadlines/Business Tasks

  • May 17-19, 2021 FHIR Connectathon
  • May 24-28, 2021 WGM

All HL7 Calendars (Confluence) 

New "HL7 Essentials" Confluence Page

(5 minutes)

Reminder New CIC Meeting Structure 

  • Second Thursday: Cancer Interoperability – All things Cancer (plus Pain).
  • Fourth Thursday: All things Registries & HRex, VANGUARD

Today's Update:  

Past Update

Will target these dates for the topics, but will be flexible as needed for project deadlines.

Notes Regarding Next Meeting

Adjournment  Adjourn by consensus.Adjourned at:





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xIntersystems          CIC Co-Chair
xUNMC                    CIC Co-Chair
xJimmy TchengDuke                     CIC Co-Chair

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