Facilitator:  Christol Green Durwin Day Russell Ott

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ManagementMinutes Approval - 8/31, 9/7Minutes approved by concensus.
CARIN Digital ID Card UpdateDuring the Sept WGM, mentioned participating in the Da Vinci event, but only for Da Vinci. Blue Button has an IG and now have proposal for FHIR IG.  Met with FM, but ran out of time.  Will complete on 09/28/21.  Content has been drafted.  Next step is to meet timeline and test before new deadline.  Question to the PIE WG, is there an issue with connectathon doing Blue Button track in the morning and Digital Insurance Card track later?  The NIB indicates intent and FHIR management group would want it t be tested.  If FHIR guide approved on 09/29/21, must submit test before 10/19/21 connectathon freeze.

Review ACP Publication request updates:

Pub Request - Attachments Collaboration Project (ACP)

Filled out Publication Request Form.  Used ACP guide Purpose & Scope as description on the form.  Used purpose statement for benefits.  Add URL to approved minutes.  Durwin made a motion to approve publication request.  Lenel seconded the motion.

VOTE:  13-0-0

Publication request was submitted.  Next step is to forward to Ann to get on TSC agenda.  Russ will copy us on the E-mail.

ManagementHL7 Connectathon and WGM updatesCarin Community Event on the 12th.  Hope for Blue Button and Electronic Healthcard tracks.  There is a Zulip chat regarding images, QR and bar code questions for smart healthcards.  Could delay publication because of difficulty with images.  Next iteration would have more images, also Logos and trademarks.  Workgroup has no concerns.  Russ asked what the risk would be.  Mark stated that BCBS really wants images.  They are optional but would be useful.  Russ stated trhat payers would have to share images with the apps.  Can submit a JIRA ticket before IG release 1 is done?  FHIR WG may hold them up some.  Go over the NIB on another call.  Work with Mark off-line.  Review as workgroup, then co-chair can submit.  There were concerns from Rob and Alix from the Workgroup minutes, regarding the Attachments IG.  Durwin will post the guide.  Russ will post the spreadsheet. When adding link for value set, Jean mentioned to use current version.  Added date to workgroup domains. 
Next MeetingNext week use dated versions to reconcile spreadsheet comments to the guide.  Can join Chrsitol and Mary lynn  on 10/05/21 at 3:00 PM EST to make sure comments are incorporated into the guide.  

Next PIE WG meeting will be on 10/12/21. 

Adjourned at 03:29 PM EST

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