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Dial-in Number

Web session


John Hatem (chair)

Melva Peters

Danielle BancroftFRED IT
Nagesh Bashyem
Tim McNeil
Frank McKinneyPOCP
Jay Lyle
Maggie BuchingerSurescripts
Margaret Weiker
Pooja Babbrah
Gary Shoettmer
Daniel ZhangEpic
Amy Benson
Brett Marquard
Jean DuteauDuteau Design
Scott Robertson
Tyler Scheid
Steve SaillardEpic
Anthony Brown

Agenda Items and Notes

US Meds Update Discussion (Brett Marquard)

  • The FHIR US Meds implementation guide based on FHIR R3 published in 7/2019 with a new section for PDMP. The project ran under two different PSSs: Project #1291 and Project #1393.
  • This past week we received a request to upgrade to R4, and update the PDMP mappings to latest standards and scripts.
  • There are a few questions floating around for me:
    • US Core published in 11/2020 and now includes medication list guidance. Should the guidance in US Meds be deprecated in favor of US Core? (which I also know you requested changes to in Sydney!)
      • Active medicines list
    • The github repo is named ‘FHIR-ONC-Meds’, should we rename to match current intent, which seems to be primarily a PDMP interaction guide?
    • What is the preferred HL7 process for an upgrade to R4 and deprecation of content: STU update, ballot, other? My initial thinking is ballot, but I am curious to your input.
      • Asking pharmacy working group?
        • Update medication and dispense to R4
        • Update PDMP to R4
        • Remove anything that is currently in US Core
      • Discussion
        • Could consider pointing US core and US meds at each other
        • Needs additional thinking, as PDMP mapping is still used
        • Upgrade driven by PDMP, re-brand guide to PDMP version and continue to test IG update
        • Retain Med Admin and Dispense but leave the rest in US Core
        • Recommend new project scope statement to cover, Brett to draft proposal and come back to pharmacy to discuss next week

Catalogue Project

Updates from Workflow

  • meeting held - no pharmacy topics

Healthcare Product

  • no recent meeting

NCPDP Updates

  • Specialty Medication Prescribing PSS update - Specialty Medications
    • FHIR IG Proposal approved
    • meeting tomorrow 1pm Eastern. Call detail available on Specialty Medications
  • Standardized Medication List - Standardized Medication Profile
    • Call starting April 8th
    • Goal is to start on white paper on the Med Profile
    • PACI group creating the FHIR resource for this part of the profile
    • Looking for resources to assist
    • To provide meeting call details and notes to pharmacy list ahead of next call 

V2-FHIR Mapping


  • Medication List Guidance
    • Confluence Pages: Patient Medication List Guidance
      • Melva reviewed the context page
      • will be starting to put some words around the content
      • Danielle will help with content
      • Melva to start FHIR IG Proposal
    • Universal need for doing e-prescribing over FHIR
    • focus on use cases for e-prescribing IG - have an plan to create an IG
      • there are some AU requirements from e-prescribing - that can feed in to next project
    • FHIR IG Proposal has been approved
    • Medication list FHIR IG approved
      • Space created in Github 
      • Structure an outline available, no current content 
      • Group to discuss how to get content into the guide, potentially confluence 
      • Enter suggestions for IG sections within confluence IG Sections
      • Info will be migrated over to Github into the build for group to view

VA Vista - Jay Lyle

  • Outpatient prescription elements list VA Vista elements and exposing in FHIR and is after some guidance
  • In a pharmacy outpatient order when finished generates a refill file, create using medication order and dispense order 
    • When hand over date not currently mapped in either medication order or dispense order
    • Is placing fields as extensions as not in existing specs
    • Goal is to filter out fields with outstanding questions and bring back to pharmacy for assistance
    • Attempting to provide to other groups for harmonization
  • John to meet with Jay offline to assist


Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers 

  • FHIR-26563
    • in principle, agree that we could add a reference, but need to do more analysis on how we would handle the requirements
      • bigger picture of relationships
      • continue to discuss


  • none

Next meeting

  • April 6, 2020 at 4pm Eastern
    • Catalogue use cases

Action Items