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HL7 Project Services Work Group (PS)



Location: conference call

Time:  09:00-10:00 am Eastern Time

Join WebEx meeting: join the meeting

Meeting number: 631 009 436

Meeting password: HL7Standards 

Dial in:  770.657.9270  PC  2811011

Quorum Requirements Met:   Yes

For PS: Co-Chair plus two without preponderance of influence


Freida Hall

Note taker(s)

Freida Hall





Rick Haddorff  (Co-Chair)

Mayo Clinic/Foundation


Freida Hall (Co-Chair)

Quest Diagnostics, Incorporated


Dave Hamill

HL7 International

XBryant Johnson Walden University

Wayne Kubick

HL7 International

X Ken McCaslinRene Harvey Consulting
 X Melva Peters Jenaker Consulting 

Joshua Procius

HL7 International

Tony Julian (ARB)

Mayo Clinic

Anne Wizauer

HL7 International

Lynn Laakso

HL7 International


Agenda Topics/Minutes

Agenda review and approval:   Approved

Open Forum:  None

Approve previous meeting minutes:  2020-03-26 Approved by general consent.

 Use general consent method when there are no corrections:  “You have received the minutes.  Are there any corrections to the minutes?  Hearing none, if there is no objection the minutes are approved as posted.”

Additional Topics:

  • Project Service artifact request from Ken McCaslin
    • Project Life Cycle for Product Development (PLCPD) - The TSC would like to consider retiring this diagram because they do not believe it is relevant based on the many ways that development is done across the various products - I would love your input and thought processes on next steps.
    • PSS Lite - I'm told that the TSC is in the process of creating a new process that has an even lighter lift for project discovery - Should this be retired?
    • Peer Review Process - The TSC has indicated this has not been used in over 4 years. They are asking if this should be retired since it is not used. PI 1224 Introducing New Processes used (in it's Attachment A) the Peer Review Process to evaluate a proposed new process. This was completed in 2016 and is owned by Project Services. Therefore if the Peer Review is to be retired, alternate solution needs to be developed. My take, Peer Review is not used because it is an unknown process and retiring it might not be the right solution?

2020-04-09:  This question is follow up to the list of PS artifacts submitted to the TSC in May 2019. TSC began discussion at the Sydney Work Group; Melva took action to do analysis.  Freida reported that since PS is discussing dissolution, we are working on recommendations for artifact maintenance/retirement, etc.  Neither Rick or Freida will be seeking new term in 2021, and HL7 does not typically attract project management attendees so its unclear who new co-chairs would be.  Melva asked if PS considered merging with PIC. Rick responded PS did consider previously but there are differences in the WG's mission/charter.  PS discussed the artifacts Ken asked about:  

  • PLCPD - Outdated in light of how things are done now (Confluence, JIRA). Bryant feels it should be retained (see his comment bottom of web page), but needs to be updated. PLCPD has good information but would be more visible/useful if in Confluence and referenced from  other related artifacts, e.g. the Co-chair Handbook, but needs to be accessible to more than Co-chairs. (Note post call, PLCPD is already referenced in the Co-chair Handbook, Section 4).  Also needs to be streamlined.  The 2018 PLCPD update was scaled back to focus on project management aspects of standards development (not product development). Note post call, the 2018 update was result of 2017 comment only ballot. Melva has been working on FHIR IG flow which has some similar information. Freida asked if this could be more generic and incorporate PLCPD info.  FHIR Accelerators also need support to assimilate and be effective in the organization.
    • Ken McCaslin to move "good information" PLCPD content to Confluence. Melva Peters to review PLCPD in Confluence (migration)
  • PSS Lite - PS defers to TSC decision; would need to have changes in online (Form).  Dave Hamill determined there have been 13 'lite' PSS since 2015. Melva states TSC needs to discuss PSS-Lite related to the Concept/PSS flow discussion. Pharmacy successfully used PSS-Lite in past. 
  • Peer Review Process - Peer Review is referenced by the GOM (GOM updates and  §09.02.08 White Papers), and also referenced by TSC Policy and Guidance to Work Groups on DSTU Updates vs. DSTU Ballots.  These would need to be revised if the TSC retires the Peer Review Process, possibly impacts to other artifacts.  The Peer Review Process may need review/updates if retained.
  • Introducing New Processes - Originally commissioned by the TSC, no conclusion re: status.

  • PSS Updates
    2020-04-09:  Defer

2020-03-26:  Dave met with Josh - migrating to Jira - reviewed fields to determine appropriate types.  Anne W's request to update the universal realm definition - Dave will not be updating the Word document - depending will update Confluence/Jira forms.  (Reminder - Moving to Jira for updating form ability as well as moving away from Project Insight.)

2020-03-12: Dave did not have any new updates on the Confluence PSS form.

2020-02-13: Josh working to migrate PSS Form from Confluence to Jira due to shortcoming for modifying the form in Confluence. Dave reported the PSS was originally a page (the template), then made into a form (in use almost a year).  Josh learned when adding new content to a drop down, the new content is at the bottom of the drop down, which is not desired. Moving the PSS to Jira will also facilitate the automated approval process.  Target goal to complete the PSS in Jira is before the San Antonio WGM in May.  Ken commented the Co-Chair Handbook hyperlink will need to be modified when this change occurs.

  • Dave Hamill Create Jira ticket to update Co-Chair Handbook when the PSS Jira template is ready (Dave also added to his personal "todo" checklist)
  • Dave Hamill Dave will remove Word template version of PSS from
  • Freida Hall send Ken URL to Tony Julian "pre-project" info (sent post call 2020-02-13)

  • Conformance Facilitator
    2020-04-09:  Defer

2020-03-26: Still pending

2020-03-12: Still pending

. . .

2019-06-06: Dave will follow up with Conformance Work Group.

Dave Hamill Email Conformance Work Group re: Conformance Facilitator job description and how to identify who fills that role, e.g. is there a pool of conformance facilitators, etc. 


  • Dave Hamill Will email - do we need to remove the requirement for having a Conformance Facilitator on the PSS - or default to the Project Facilitator?
     (See earlier minutes for historical notes on this effort.)     


  • Rick, Dave, and Freida met with Standards Governance Board December 5 to answer questions re: PLCPD. 
    2020-04-09:  Defer - pending decision to dissolve

2020-03-26: Defer - pending decision to dissolve

2020-03-12: Defer

2020-02-27:  Freida still to contact SGB, holding off for Ken McCaslin's work

2020-02-13: Discussed whether to resume, we did not complete the review previously.  Still not sure whether we will need to re-ballot, or possibly move to Confluence in a future update.  Also not sure how useful the PLCPD is now. Ken suggested we push back to the TSC, however it was the SGB that originally prompted this discussion.  Ken advised the TSC has created various task forces that we may not be aware of, he encountered this when working on the Co-Chair Handbook.

  • Freida Hall to contact the SGB to determine if this is still a task, or if it has been subsumed by other work. 

2020-01-16: Defer pending completion Co-Chair Handbook


2019-08-29: Continued review, updated document with revisions from August 29 call posted:

2019-08-15: Continued review. Updated document with revisions from August 15 call:

2019-08-01: Freida posted updated document with edits reviewed on the August 1 call:
Team reviewed - added some comments and to-do's.  Will continue next meeting

2019-07-18:  (Defer - not discussed on call) Freida combined all SGB comments in one document and posted in prep for review July 18 call:

2019-03-28: Re: PLCPD slide in FTA presentation, Ken agreed, Freida to draft slide. Dave worked with Sadhana to share Project Services webinars on Education portal (complete).  Reviewed FTA PLCPD slide; Freida will forward.  Will leave on agenda and when time permits, review SGB comments again.  Collapse/remove comments that have been completed from minutes.  We are hesitate to re-ballot without further guidance from the SGB, but can evaluate comments for a possible future update.

FH added Notes from January 2019 WGM, need to clarify action item: "They have a product lifecycle for project development – what to do at each step. PSS is on Confluence. Goal is to manage workflow on JIRA. Piloting. Education might be able to help socialize. There are webinars related to project services."

2019-02-28:   Still pending; Freida has not made progress on this.  SD minutes are on

2019-01-31: Wait for future input from SGB.  Freida posted excerpt from SGB meeting minutes under documents.  We should review comments further but will wait on guidance re: whether to re-ballot and start a new version of the document.  FTA - could socialize Project Services; ask FTA to add slide.  Freida will send slide to Karen Van for new Co-chair training (subset of General Session slides with reference to webinars; sent 2019-02-12.)  Leave this on agenda.

2018-12-13: Somewhat surprised that this document seemed new to all since some had commented in the 2017 ballot.  Freida did HL7 google search (Project Management” and found some documents that may be outdated (e.g. circa 2005); we may want to review search results in future. Discussed whether we might want to consider move some of the PLCPD content as ‘help text’ to online PSS.  The PLCPD covers a lot of material that may be overwhelming; Rick will ask on SD call re: possibility of an information education session at WGM that could cover online PSS and PLCPD.
Freida and Rick had provided some answers/notes to the questions from Lorraine Constable and Wayne Kubick prior to the meeting.  Although the SGB felt there was a lot of good information in the PLCPD, they questioned how it should be used and how it should be presented to the HL7 community.  The SGB invited Project Services to attend the 2nd Quarter meeting on Sunday, Jan. 13th at the San Antonio WGM to discuss a path forward.    Rick and Freida are currently planning on attending.

(See earlier minutes for historical notes on this effort.)     

  • Review list of artifacts per TSC request (posted to Documents page)

2020-04-09: Defer - pending - decision to dissolve

2020-03-26: Defer - pending - decision to dissolve

2020-03-12: Defer

2020-02-27:  Waiting on both Ken's list and/or TSC

2020-02-14: Ken McCaslin emailed that he had recommended some artifacts on the TSC Guidance webpage should be moved elsewhere.  Freida request copy; waiting for a copy of this list to contact TSC.

2020-02-13: Project Services has been monitoring this Parking lot item Project management artifact list from Project Services.  It was Parking Log agenda item ‘i.’ on the January 6, 2020 minutes:  but it does not appear it was discussed during the call.  Then it disappears from the January 13 minutes:

Freida suggested we update the list of artifacts now that the Co-Chair Handbook is complete and forward the updated list to Anne with question re: the agenda parking lot status.  Ken advised he has regular meeting with Wayne so he could also mention to Wayne if we copy him on the email (see task below).  Freida will update the list and circulate to Rick and Dave before sending to Anne et al.

  • Freida Hall to email Anne and cc: Ken so he can follow up with Wayne (Wednesday 11-noon am)

. . .

2019-11-07: Freida emailed Austin 2019-11-04; validated this item is still 7th on list on TSC "parking lot". Freida advised Austin TSC decision will impact Co-chair Handbook, PLCPD, etc.

2019-10-10:  Freida validated this item is still on TSC "parking lot"; now item 'g' (7th on the list).


2019-07-18: (Defer - not discussed on call) Freida verified still on TSC "Parking Lot" list per June 17 TSC minutes, so did not email Austin: 2019-06-17 TSC Call Agenda/Minutes

2019-05-23: Response from Austin (May 2 email):  Defer

My apologies for not getting back to on this when you originally sent it back in March. I’m going to have to review this with the TSC to see what if any actions the TSC will want to take in regards to Project Services recommendations. I’ve copied Anne so this can get added to the TSC’s parking lot so it doesn’t get dropped.

2019-03-28: Freida forwarded artifact list to Austin Monday, March 25. No response yet. Final version:

(See earlier minutes for historical notes on this effort.)

2020-04-09:  Use list below if/when we review again

2020-03-26:  Use list below if/when we review again

2020-03-12: Defer, but Freida deleted items already reviewed or rescheduled.  List below still has due date of May 2020 WGM.

2020-03-26: Review items due May 2020:

1970 Bi-Annual Review-Update of Project Facilitator document (2020 May)

2022 Plan for Trimester WGM using attached checklist (2020 May)

15118 Annual Updates to the PSS and Project Approval Process (2020 May) (already decided to leave open but do we need to change due date?)

18093 Change PS artifacts impacted by revised Withdrawal Process (2020 May) - Try to identify artifacts that would need to change

23039 Review existing webinars for potential changes due to new tools (May 2020) - Bryant did this recently, should we push out the due date or can we update any before the next WGM? = Lower priority for this WGM period (May 2020) move to (Sep 2020)
Can we ask Anne to update the Work Group Health Webinar?  - Anne has been tasked with this and it is in her court;

. . .

(See earlier minutes for historical notes on this effort.)

  • Possibility of dissolving this group (Project Services) –  moving any responsibilities to other groups - review Mission and Charter - perhaps at future call this WGM period and review process to disband

    2020-04-09: Defer

    2020-03-26:  Reviewed dissolution document; reviewed mission and charter; the two points that PS still works on and is used are the PSS form/template and project approval process;  With the TSC reengineering these two items, our working group is becoming less vital;  General discussion - we will continue to review list of artifacts currently assigned to PS that would need to be handed off;

    2020-03-12: Review TSC slides/process flows. The new PSS flow indicates "Note: All Committees participate in consensus review; final approval by TSC."  This change to approval process will impact at 8 or more PSS artifacts but we can't update because we haven't been included in the discussions. It seems we can no longer fulfill vital responsibilities in our mission/charter.  It may be time to dissolve our Work Group.  For next call, consider pros/cons of dissolving the Work Group for further discussion.

  • Review Confluence PSS Form for normative question/prompt

2020-04-09: Defer

  • Review GForge Documents for artifacts that can be deleted or marked archived

2020-04-09: Defer

Action Items (Tasks) - in confluence Action Items are same as Tasks - 2020-04-09: Defer

Go to:  Meeting Index & Task List

Adjourn 10:02 AM ET

Next Meeting / Preliminary Agenda Items


GForge Link to Project Services:

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  1. I think the question is not whether the PLCPD we worked on is relevant.  The more appropriate question is, is it accurate based on the current environment?  PLPCDs I think, are an integral part of any IT Project's Architectural Framework. The PLCPD document should be iteratively maintained and developed.  Recognizing that responsibility for its iterations could be considered for transfer to another group, although my thinking is for it stay within Project Service's scope.  Just my thought.