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Date: 20200326 

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Ulrike Merrick

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XMayo Clinic
XUnited Healthcare
XKaiser Permanente
XVernetzt, LLC
X Altarum     
XPaul KnappKnapp Consulting
XLorraine ConstableConstable Consulting Inc.
XScott M. RobertsonKaiser Permanente
XKeith Salzman

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Management Minute ApprovalBy general consensus
AnnouncementCancellation May 2020 WGM cancelled
MethodologyBlock vote on V2 Quality
  • Block Vote #1 – for A-T Motion to refer to editor to fix typos, bring any non-typos back for review, if necessary – Riki Merrick, Paul Knapp, no further discussion, against: 0 abstain: 0, in favor: 8
  • Block Vote #2 – for A-Q Motion to find these answered Sandy Stuart, Riki, further discussion: on the last – these are all in the IG chapter – considered, no action required, against: 0 abstain: 0, in favor: 8

MethodologyBlock Vote 1 for Da Vinci Unsolicited Notifications

Notification was sent out to INM listserve on March 2, 2020:

about this planned Block Vote 1 for Da Vinci Unsolicited Notifications IG for next week's INM WG Conference Call:
Thursday Mar 12, 2020 - 03:00 PM (Eastern Time, GMT -04 DST)
call details

These are mostly technical errors.  Let me know if you would like to pull an item out to discuss. You will get another opportunity on the call to remove an item:

Jira Issue Summary (Reporter)

  1. J#26291: Thanks for reusing US Core resources (rgeimer)
  2. J#26287: "Remove ""{b}"" from profile references" (seanmcilvenna)
  3. J#26286: No need to explicitly require MessageHeader.focus.reference (seanmcilvenna)
  4. J#26283: Links to other specifications (seanmcilvenna)
  5. J#26281: "Change file name from ""guidance.html"" to ""Framework.html""" (seanmcilvenna)
  6. J#26279: "Suggest changing ""changes in patient status"" to ""changes in patient chart""" (seanmcilvenna)
  7. J#26263: fix typo (RikiM)
  8. J#26242: keep note to balloters2 (RikiM)
  9. J#26229: "[base]$process-message missing ""/""" (fangcao)
  10. J#26194: remove obscuring references (pknapp)
  11. J#26189: consistent use of Alert vs unsolicited notification (pknapp)
  12. J#26188: remove DEQM actors (pknapp)
  13. J#26185: Implementation Requirements: Profile Support (ginocanessa)
  14. J#26184: Question: Filtering / Patient Lists (ginocanessa)
  15. J#26183: Question: Out Of Scope: Endpoint Discovery and maintenance (ginocanessa)
  16. J#26180: Value Set Concept Duplicates (ginocanessa)
  17. J#26179: Value Set Naming Convention Consistency (ginocanessa)
  18. J#26174: "Figure 4, GET and Search" (ginocanessa)
  19. J#26170: Intro sentence is a fragment (ginocanessa)
  20. J#26102: Broken Link (Brett.Marquard)
  • BlockVote#1:
    • #26286 – take a look – satisfactory
    • Motion to approve block#1 – Riki Merrick, Paul Knapp, no further discussion, against: 0 abstain: 0, in favor: 8

Also we have a created a Block of A-T comments (pre-applied), which we hope to get a motion on:

  • Motion to refer to editor to fix typos, bring any non-typos back for review, if necessary – Riki Merrick, Craig Newman, further discussion: include definitions of acronyms as part of the editing, against: 0 abstain: 0, in favor: 8

MethodologyAscii Character set GF25232

From last meeting:

  • HL70396 update:
  • Suggest to delete the word ASCI from the description and the comment column and also fix the last sentence, which is not complete for 99zzz or L:
  • In description change: The 'zzz' SHALL be any printable ASCII string.  to: The 'zzz' SHALL be any printable string.
  • In comments change: The 'zzz' may be any printable ASCII string of variable length, but the recommendation is to generally use only numbers and upper
    to: The 'zzz' may be any printable string of variable length, but the recommendation is to generally use only numbers and upper case.
  • There are languages that don't have upper case - so remove the part of the sentence after the comma.
  • Do we need to mention alternative charactersets like unicode, but it could be others? - better not
  • This table is only used as ID datatype so that takes care of allowing white spaces
  • Proposal:
    • Remove ASCII from the description and Comment, and fix the last line of the comment. e.g.
    • The 'zzz' may be any printable ASCII string of variable length as restricted by the ID datatype., but the recommendation is to generally use only numbers and upper case. (Case is added)
  • There is an issue with the HL70396 content in V2.9 vs the webpage - we need a single source of truth
  • Defer to next teleconference and let Ted know to update the web


  • are we still waiting on vocab for the answer – we will have the one source of truth once UTG is out – Ted requests to wait so only 1 place will be updated
  • Still need guidance from vocab on the language – can we just put this through UTG proposal – Riki to prepare that and let Ted know and to update the gForge tracker with the language from these minutes and then document the UTG proposal ID in the tracker

MethodolodyV2 Mgmt referred: GF15630

From last meeting:

  • gForge ticket has the original proposal attached
  • CWE status codes
    • For CNE cannot just expand – these would have to be specifically enumerated in the value set
    • Part of this may have become a harmonization proposal – Riki can check on that part
  • There are more pages to review on dealing with null flavors for other datatypes
  • Homework to review the proposal and defer to next tcon

Guidance for data sharing
  • Reviewing the tree:
    • This seems to be good idea set of questions
    • It still contains mixture of packaging content models and exchange methodology
      • For example left hand side – use of different resources, but not how to exchange them
    • May be helpful to differentiate between what can be done by REST and what cannot
    • Would still be useful to continue the matrix work we started and see, if there is a natural pattern to create guidance
    • And does this apply to inter and intra-organizational approach – assume this is designed with exchange between different organizations
    • What’s the best way to provide feedback?
    • Discussion will be on FHIR-I workflow call on Monday 3/30 from 2 – 3 PM ET – ADD call info
    • Human intervention is problematic
      • Some of these human interventions are automated
      • Human generated transactions
    • Homework should review this document and add comments in the document
      • Bring back on Agenda for April 9th

Discussed table at Data Sharing matrix

  • List of criteria that can be applied to a use case as they apply to each of the FHIR mechanisms – this will help sort out what FHIR artifacts can be used for specific criteria
  • Then the new decision tree can then help make the determination what to do for a specific use case
  • For All or Nothing
    • In FHIR they use a flag to use transaction to indicate all together and batch if not
    • Bulk Data transfer needs research
    • N/A for CRUDSH
  • Need to check on collection
    • Store “as is” (other than for audit)
    • Sender Expectations
  • This should help to differentiate between content model choices and packaging and exchange choices

Homework – fill in the elements you know, so this can be filled by next call

Members are encouraged to join FHIR-I 2:00-3:00 Eastern Monday = here is the call info:

Management Next agenda

2020-04-09 InM WG Agenda/Minutes

 Adjourned at

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