Are any of you aware of any FHIR IG development related to COVID-19? Logica is willing to create an IG and want to make sure that we are not replicating efforts. Profiles we are thinking to include are:

  1. Labs
  2. Signs and Symptoms
  3. Pertinent Demographics

We could have the FHIR profiles created quickly if that's something we can do.  If you want to be involved in the development, reply here and indicate how you would like to be involved. Thanks...Susan


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  1. I support this effort and would like to be involved from the LOINC side.

    Here's a link to a dedicated LOINC SARS-CoV-2 FAQ:

    And LOINC prerelease terms, with all of the SARS-CoV-2 terms at the top:

  2. HI Susan,

    I don't know of any official consolidated effort yet.  I think you should seek interested parties through this blog!

    Here are some pretty specific use cases I have on my mind:

    1. Screening questions and answers to gather symptom and other relevant information in structured data from the start. and the screening results.
    2. Testing information (including details of the order for the test, if the test was order, details of where specimen was gathered and where the test was performed/evaluated, the specific test used, and the results.
    3. Encounter visit where symptoms or exposures are recorded and the clinicians suspects a risk of COVID-19, orders the patient to go and be tested, and allows the patient to leave the office and go home (after being tested elsewhere, hopefully). This use case
    4.  How to record admissions (to an ED or to inpatient setting), transfers (normal IP to ICU, ICU to IP), Discharged after having coronavirus
      1. Person is discharge as "cured"
      2. Person is discharged as "still sick", but recovering at home
      3. Person is discharged to be taken to some other facility for care (either from the ED or from an Inpatient Admission)
      4. Person died in the hospital
    5. A person who had coronavirus previously, is seen for a followup and the progress note shows the person is "all better".
    6. A person who had coronavirus previously and was sent discharged from the hospital to recover at home, gets sicker and needs to go back into the hospital for additional care. 
    7. A person who had coronavirus previously, was seen for a followup and the progress note showed the person is "all better", but now they are being seen again and it appears the person has coronavirus again.

    I developed these by just thinking through the possibilities, and then wondering, what would the relevant standards artifacts look like at this point in the story?

    Maybe we could do like we do in CDA Examples task force and set up a Trello Board card for each of these possible examples. Then, we could make them, get a group of experts to approve them, then stitch them together on a Confluence page that was ACCESSIBLE TO ALL.  It would be a set of V2, FHIR, and CDA examples that would be organized, not just to provides potential codes, but to show how the codes could be used in V2, CDA or FHIR to represent the data artifact for each example scenario.  Each group who has specialized expertise could contribute where they have the knowhow. One person or group wouldn't do it all. It would be a collaborative effort, right from the start. HL7 could bring it all together in one place.

  3. @Swapna, Thanks!  I would like to be involved too. (BTW - I'm going to post your LOINC reference page as a title post of its own to make it easier to find

    Who else is in?  Can we rapidly build a team to follow-through on Susan Matney 's good idea?

  4. Susan Matney


    Synthea has a module to generate COVID-19 test data.

    And there is some actual data on cases here:

    we can use that to check our test data.

    Would be fun to join this effort!

    1. Hi Michael,

      I'm Cheng Liu from MaxMD. I work with Lisa and we are happy to involve. 

      I didn't find the module in Synthea to generate COVID-19 data. 

      Do you mind to tell me which module I should use to generate COVID-19 data by using Synthea?

      Thank you,