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Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




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Approved 2020-03-05 ARB Agenda/Minutes
Approved 2020-03-12 ARB Agenda/Minutes

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Lorraine reports that TSC accepted Ron's update to the realm transferrable wording.

Ron displays the document. Discussion over how the potential May meeting cancellation will affect completion of this document. 
Ron thinks we can do it through virtual sessions. Tony would like to see the recommendations strengthened to be something stronger. Ron proposes that as we move through the review process we can change some to Shalls. Lorraine suggests we draft something with Shalls and get it approved. Ron would like to see some more general acceptance of the principles. 

ManagementNext agenda

Lorraine not available next week. Since we have no agenda items, we'll cancel next week.

  • Anthony Julian will send out a request for ARB agenda items and look at what we have expiring.

 Adjourned at 4:36 pm Eastern

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Minute Approval2020-03-12 ARB Agenda/Minutes
RTSSCharacteristics of Realm Transferable Standards v0.05

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