Facilitator:  Christol Green Russell Ott

Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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ManagementMinutes Approval - 8/31Minutes will be reviewed next meeting.
ManagementWithdraw XDOC IG - SDWG has voted to withdraw this specification that was never published, for which PIE is a co-sponsor.  While not formally required, it would be good to formalize PIE's approval/disapproval of this withdrawal request

Mike made a motion to agree to withdraw XDOC IG.  Greg seconded the motion.  No further discussion, no objections, Alix abstained.

VOTE:  6-0-1

ManagementAttachment IG Ballot statusACP publication request.  Monitor IG in JIRA.
Mark RCARIN Digital Insurance Card updatesMapping continues.  
Management2021Sep Interim Reports  - WG Health

Project Ballot and Health Metrics.  Infractions include 3 unpublished ballots: need to finalize ACP to get it published, Dental CCDA & FHIR IGs and idle ballots.  We have a plan for each.

We did not vote in TSC elections.  Need to update SWOT.

Add items to WGM agenda to finish workgroup health.

ManagementSept 2021 21st & 23rd PIE WGM AgendaAdded place holders since there is currently not a lot of content.  Meetings with FM will have content.  Added to go over Mission and Charter.  Changed to EST.  Christol will notify FM that their quarter times in Q3 & Q4 are not correct when we are joining FM.  Will join SDWG for USCDI v2 discussion.

Adjourned at 03:25 PM EST 

Next meeting 09/28/21

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