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Vocabulary Work Group

Document Type:  Agenda  /  Meeting Minutes

Start Time/End Time:  4-5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time 

Presiding Co-chair:   Carmela Couderc

Minutes Author:   Carmela Couderc


Reuben Daniels

Peter Jordan

Robert Hausam

Serafina Versaggi

Carmela A. Couderc

Michael Lawley

FYI: Caroline Macumber Rob McClure Ted Klein Michael Lawley

Focus on ConceptMap tickets related to dependsOn, and others. Some low hanging fruit - general Vocab tickets.

Reminder: Reuben will lead the team of usage note authors. Related to FHIR-32541, FHIR-32542, FHIR-15687 (FHIR-33061)

 Code System Dashboard:  https://jira.hl7.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11804

Value Set Dashboard: https://jira.hl7.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11510


Adjourned at  5:xx PM EDT.

Concept Map Dashboard



Change requestResolved-change required$translate doesn't expose dependsOn fields

Status?  Not yet fixed on 7/29/2021 

The ticket was overwritten by RD, with 26 files, not all related to ConceptMap.  https://github.com/HL7/fhir/commit/9e9b97453f45d60fcf7e9eaf6d6f4d27b7aa7a7c#diff-f3f01fbe075e4a808d23aec2d7ccffcc051714fb0b6c4803358c976e6bfe5c9e

Reuben will fix this, and we will address FHIR-33032 - as the first item on next week's agenda.

Michael added a new ticket to address something that was left out of this ticket.  FHIR-33032 (which is now resolved - change required)

8/11/2021 update:

Reuben discovered that the operation definition resource does not allow you to have parameters of any kind with multiple values. The type element has a cardinality of 0..1. 

2 ways to resolve:

  1. reopen the ticket
  2. add a new ticket to FHIR-I to add multiplicity of parameters in R5 (OperationDefinition) normative resource

Concern noted with option 2 as it would be changing a resource that is used all over the place

The ticket 30515 created multiple type elements. 

Reuben will review the value set bound to OperationDefinition.parameter.part.type  FHIRAllTypes https://www.hl7.org/fhir/valueset-all-types.html 

OperationDefinition may already support the request in 30515. 

2021-08-18 See comment on issue. - 

2021-08-25 confirm this was added to the 9/21 WGM agenda. RD added this to the agenda. 

Rob updated the ticket with Michael's comment. 

Note that $lookup (normative operation) is using a non-normative extension to accomplish something similar.  

Reopened the ticket because the resolution description is missing a key piece about using the extension that $lookup uses. Adjusted the resolution text and re-voted. 

Concept Map

Examples - check in with Michael Lawley

2021-08-18 Waiting for examples.

2021-08-25 examples won't be complete until open issues resolved

FHIR-33055Change request

Concept Map

ConceptMap should declare its dependencies 

2021-08-18 Will address with  FHIR-32541 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  FHIR-32542 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2021-08-25  rejected request 

FHIR-32541Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

Explain dependsOn property

2021-08-18 See above.  We have agreed to draft usage notes - pending.

FHIR-32542Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

Explain dependsOn product

2021-08-18 See above.  We have agreed to draft usage notes - pending.

FHIR-33061Change requestUsage notes

Concept Map - Usage Notes

Add ConceptMap Usage Notes to Describe Mapping with Value Sets

2021-08-18  Will address further when Carmela is present.

MISC Tickets

FHIR-33063Change request

Request from Lloyd to reopen:  The proposed language doesn't actually accomplish what the tracker item was seeking - which was to guide people to put descriptive text for a unit in the data elements for that purpose (i.e. Quantity.unit).  Simply saying "don't use this" without saying "use this instead" isn't going to drive the change that we need.

2021-08-18 See comment on issue.

2021-08-25 Since the ticket is in "resolved change required" status - should we reopen?

Reviewed the comments, and have decided to leave the ticket as is. Will not be re-opened.

FHIR-33023Change request

OID specified on page for ICD-9CM is registered for ICD-9

Turns out the OID is for ICD-9, but the uri implies ICD-9-CM. Rejected request. Reuben Danielswill bring to HTA. 

Confirm this is on an HTA agenda. 

2021-08-18  This was not discussed on the HTA call today, but Reuben plans to add it for the agenda on September 1. 

2021-08-25 holding for HTA input

FHIR-17778Change requestTriaged


Code System OID for NCI Thesaurus is incorrect on FHIR terminologies page'

Some confusion about which URI is in question. Sent note to submitter. No response since 3 weeks ago.  Keep on the list.

2021-08-18 We are still waiting for input from Keith W. Boone.

2021-08-25 Review Keith's input

THO is correct, the FHIR terminologies page will most likely be removed in R5. Revisit this ticket next week and we might have something concrete to add. 

FHIR-29593change RequestTriagedMisc

CodeSystem conformance expectation should include SHALL NOT

Sent note to FHIR-I and Conformance co-chairs. Check to see if anyone responded.

2021-08-18 Still waiting for input from Conformance.

2021-08-25 Conformance feedback received. 


FHIR-24566change RequestTriagedMisc

SNOMED implicit value sets - improve implementation guidance

2021-08-18  See comment in issue.

2021-08-25 Need action item

Assigned to Michael Lawley. 

FHIR-23707 and FHIR-23702change RequestTriagedMisc

clarify that binding strength does not mean you have to support them all, state that required bindings do not mean that systems must support all codes 

2021-08-18 Propose joint WGM discussion with FHIR-I and Conformance.

2021-08-25 Confirm this has been added to the 9/2021 WGM agenda 

Reuben will figure out a way to add this item to the WG agenda for 9/2/2021 (either Q2 and Q3 on Thursday)

FHIR-23038change request

What does "subsetting use Value Sets" mean  (related to implicit code systems documentation) 

Did not get to this ticket.

FHIR-22623change request

LOINC answer list text correction

Resolved change required. 

FHIR-19477change request

Multiple DICOM naming systems defined

Issue resolved in THO - need to confirm that there is a ticket to remove External Code System references in R5 

8/25/2021: waiting on result of 8/27/2021 meeting to decide how to move forward 

FHIR-19442change request

"@all" in ValueSet

Did not get to this ticket.

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