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Problem and Target Outcome


  • EHRs and other data systems are not yet capable of providing cancer patient data that conforms to the mCODE standard. 

Target Outcome:

  • Patient mCODE data is available to any workflow in standard, HL7 FHIR resources.

mCODE Extraction Details

ActorAny workflow where mCODE data is required for execution.

A workflow requires access to a patient's data described by mCODE.


Any CodeX or mCODE use case trigger.


Required patient data exists in a structured computable format in an EHR or other health IT application.


A set of FHIR resources populated with data as defined in the mCODE standard is available for any workflow.




See precondition.

ScopeRetrieval of patient data as defined by mCODE. 

The mCODE Extraction use case defines a software engineering framework and reference implementation for EHR or health IT developers to use as a basis for developing server specific mCODE extraction. A subset of mCODE elements is targeted for the first phase: Cancer Disease Status, Treatment Plan Change, general patient demographics and clinical trials data. 

Pilot Plan

Piloting and implementation of the extractor utility is done as part of a use case that utilizes mCODE, such as the EHR Endpoints for Cancer Clinical Trials use case. As the extractor is utilized, issues can be logged via the extractor's GitHub page

Conference Call Information

At this time, there are no specific conference calls for the extractor. If you'd like to learn more about the extractor, please reach out to any member of the use case team below. If you'd like to obtain or help develop the extractor, please join the effort on GitHub

Important Dates


Use Case Team

Domain Co-LeadZeshan RajputThe MITRE Corporation 

Technical LeadDylan PhelanThe MITRE Corporation 

Project Co-LeadMaura HuffThe MITRE 

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