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ChairScott M. Robertson

Dial-in Number

Web session


Scott Robertson

Kaiser Permanente

John Hatem

Frank McKinneyPOCP
Melva PetersJenaker Consulting
Tim McNeilSurescripts
Bapi Behera
Anthony BrownNY Presbeteryian
Danielle BancroftFRED
Pooja BabbrahPOCP
Tyler ScheidAMA
Maggie BuchingerSurescripts
Peter SergentHL7 New Zealand
Dion McMurtrieCSIRO

Agenda Items and Notes

Catalogue Project

  • Interested in seeing if Pharmacy is interested in contributing to the Catalogue FHIR IG
    • Have invited them to next Monday - 15 minutes at the start of the call

Updates from Workflow

  • no meeting today

Healthcare Product

  • no meeting today
  • there are a couple of issues for us to look at
    • mapping from BTX to FHIR - blood administration - John has started mapping

NCPDP Updates

  • Specialty Medication Prescribing PSS update - Specialty Medications
    • Project scope statement has been approve at NCPDP
    • TSC has approved
    • Meetings have been set
      • meeting has been cancelled for tomorrow
      • anyone from HL7 Pharmacy can dial in
  • Standardized Medication List - Standardized Medication Profile
    • no updates

V2-FHIR Mapping


  • Real Time Pharmacy Benefit Check -
    • for 3/23/2020 ballot comment resolution - these items have been reviewed on ballot reconciliation call
      • these will be done as a block vote on next weeks call
    •    Getting issues...
    • will be reviewed next week
    • will only be discussing comments that have been pulled from review
    • please review these in advance and ask 
  • daVinci PDeX Formulary Project
    • IG has been published
    • will feed input into Catalogue project
  • Medication List
    • Confluence Pages: Patient Medication List Guidance
      • Melva reviewed the context page
      • will be starting to put some words around the content
      • Danielle will help with content


Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers 

  • FHIR-26563 - ask Rik and Jean to add in the business requirement
  • Scott to look at when we added "do not perform" attribute
    • use case - prescriber may write the order "under duress" and flag "do not dispense" so the supply request is not performed
    • need to look at the use case for "do not perform"

Next meeting

  • March 23, 2020 at 4pm Eastern
    • VA Project - TBC
    • JIRA Trackers

Action Items