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Problem and Target Outcome


Radiation therapy treatment details – critical for care coordination – are not readily available in systems other than radiation oncology EHR modules. Treatment data is generally manually entered into radiation therapy treatment summary documents, creating clinician burden and potential patient safety issues. In addition, providers are unable to leverage these data to meet reporting requirements (e.g. quality reporting, registry reporting) or support comparative effectiveness research.

Target Outcome:

To develop, test and deploy open data standards that enable interoperable, multi-purpose exchange of radiation treatment summary data for care coordination and data reuse.

Use Case Details


Radiation oncology providers, radiation oncology EHR/EHR module, other EHRs/EHR modules


Radiation oncology provider is able to access data captured in radiation oncology EHR in the EHR/EHR module used to generate a treatment summary.


Radiation oncologist initiates the generation of a treatment summary upon completion on radiation oncology therapy.


Treatment data is available in a structured format in the radiation oncology EHR/module


Radiation therapy treatment data is available in the EHR used to generate the treatment summary.


Radiation therapy treatment data is available in the radiation oncology EHR/EHR module


In scope:

  • Extraction of radiation oncology treatment summary data elements from Radiation Oncology EHR modules

Out of scope:

  • Treatment summary document generation, elements of treatment summary generated by the clinician as part of care coordination (e.g. treatment tolerance, follow-up plan), radiation therapy plan details.

mCODE elements:

  • Radiation therapy modality
  • Radiation therapy start and end dates
  • Radiation therapy target body sites

New candidate elements:

  • Technique
  • Number of fractions administered (by body site)
  • Total dose delivered (by body site)

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Use Case Team

RoleName OrganizationEmail 
Use Case LeadGeorge NeyarapallyMITRE

Use Case Deputy LeadSharon SebastianMITRE

Clinical SMEJim HaymanMichigan

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