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HL7 PIC Meeting Minutes

Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 379807

Date: 2020 03 10
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern


: Ken

Note taker(s)

 - Sandy






Sandy Stuart (Co-Chair)

Kaiser Permanente


Ken Rubin (Co-Chair)



Karen Van Hentenryck



Wayne Kubick



Freida Hall


Laurie Burckhardt


Ken McCaslin


Scott Robertson

Kaiser Permanente

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Quorum Requirements Met:


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda Review
  2. How do we want to gather comments, editing, and triage? - Ken Mc Caslin.  Wayne suggest providing feedback button on Confluence.  Josh to forward as received.  Stewardship of Co-Chair handbook is Ken, Melva, Wayne, but should come back to PIC.  Motion by Ken McCaslin/Sandy - to resume to PIC stewardship however we never lost it so no need to.  Ken Rubin - motion to acknowledge Ken Mc and Melva to hand back ownership to PIC - one abstain - and passed 3-1-0.  Ken/Josh to update Handbook by providing an update via confluence and that PIC has stewardship.
  3. Minutes approval - Sydney. Approved 5-0-0
  4. Revisit of Mission/Charter to assure it is consistent with current priorities and focus
    1. PIC has a proactive role when there is an artifact need
    2. Ombudsman
    3. Mentor Program
    4. Process Redesign Support; Tooling Support
    5. NOTES: Wayne provided FCC to review - Updated Mission and Charter - Unanimous consent.  5-0-0
  1. Status of activity with CTO process/tooling webinar. - Wayne said we have had one - second one in a couple of weeks.
  2. WGM Briefing Template - Ken happy to do any briefing or tutorial to use.  Wayne suggested making it an HL7 specific template - such as add Logo, etc.  ACTION: Kenneth Rubin Ken to work on that with Lorraine and Paul, then Ken to work with Wayne to do a debrief.
  3. DMP, M & C and Our Message. ACTION: Ken to provide an article on these topics.
  4. Specific Activities we can undertake within PSS redesign effort? 
    1. (Wayne to take care of this during a tooling and process webinar). - Wayne said we are beginning a pilot and PIC should monitor and comment.  Wayne to ask Austin if PIC needs to do anything further.
  5. Co-Chair Handbook Survey? - Karen to post on the webpage - and send a message to co-chairs.
  6. Create new webspace for Learning Center - To be considered.  Ken Rubin said the idea is to share streaming content that can be pulled from.  Such as Webinars, Videos etc.  Such as self-service on-demand.  Wayne said it is being set up and PIC would be a good source on reviewing set up.  
  7. One-pager on Process Facilitators (Kenneth Rubin Ken) - Circulate to PIC and see if it is ready to pilot.  Will review at next PIC meeting.


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