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3:30PM EST (UTC-5).  Quorum  as of 3:35 PM EST.  Call completed at 5:02PM EST



None received

Planned Agenda Topics and Notes

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Chair)
    No new items.

  2. Announcements (all)
    •   The PSS for retirement of CTS2 has been submitted
      HIMSS was just canceled due to the coronavirus emergency

  3. Sydney WGM Minutes approval (pending from last call)
    1. All attendees of the Sydney WGM should check the minutes 
    2. Monday Q4 Minutes
    3. Tuesday Q1 Minutes
    4. Tuesday Q2 Minutes
    5. Tuesday Q3 Minutes
    6. Tuesday Q4 Minutes
    7. Wednesday Q1 Minutes
    8. Wednesday Q2 Minutes
    9. Wednesday BOF Minutes
    10. Wednesday Q3 Minutes
    11. Thursday Q1 Minutes
    12. Thursday Q2 Minutes
    13. Thursday Q3 Minutes
    14. Thursday Q4 Minutes
    15. Friday Q1 Minutes
    16. Friday Q2 Minutes
    17. Friday Q3 Minutes

      As no one seems to have reviewed or read them, there is no motion to accept.  This will be brought up again next call.

  4. Action Items Check  (Chair)
    1. We acknowledge that we need to take care of the items on this list. Rob asks that co-chairs especially review their action items and resolve or update
    2. Attendees and especially chairs are again urged to finish and check off their action items.
  5. San Antonio WGM Agenda Planning (Chair)
    Can be found here.  
    1. It must be noted that there is a possibility that the meeting may be cancelled; if it is we will need some backup plan for the work
    2. United tickets purchased in March (post-March 2) will not incur a change fee if changed due to the virus 
    3. Email is coming from HQ saying the WGM is still on, but if there is a need to cancel then HQ will do so and issue refunds if they have cancelled it.
      1. No refunds for personal cancellations after May 2

  6. UTG Update (Carol/Jess/Ted)
    1. Discussion/Decision items
      1. Should Code Systems have a 'Steward' value?   Right now, all HL7 code systems have a steward who is the Vocabulary WG.
      2. We have some value sets that have exactly the same name but are different. e.g. EventCode for table 0003 in v2 and EventCode for table 0450 in v2. Should we adjust the names manually to make them unique?   The tables have the same name in the v2 Standard
        1. Ioana supports the idea that we press to have some kind of vocabulary issues JIRA tracker
        2. Changes will be archived in the UTG change proposal JIRA tickets, but we must decide if we want some separate to-do list system, or a workflow process to add them as a new type of vocabulary change proposal (so they can be easily found with a filter for such QA issues).
    2. Status
      1. All information is posted on the  UTG confluence pages.

    3. Immediate Priorities
      1. Working through dependencies for content/Pilot testing, see Critical UTG Content Tasks

        1. Jess creating test scripts and updating documentation to prepare

      2. Several meetings have been/will be held this week to discuss how to test the content

      3. Content testing is to start on Monday. Instructions for signing up to participate can be found HERE.

    4. Recent Progress
      1. Created Code System for UTG properties

      2. Properties are now rendered (pending some final cleanup)

      3. Determined only a handful of extensions will be required (Grahame to implement), everything else will be a concept property

      4. Ted to go through extensions list and document disposition and plan for each
    5. Support needed from Vocab

      1. Content testers and Pilot participants

      2. Verbiage for rendered content pages. NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS TOPIC (Rob M. suggests something stronger than volunteering) -

  7. Proposal to add value set extensions modeled on CPG IG Extensions to FHIR Core (Rob McClure)
    From last call (out of time last call)
    1. The process to be followed needs to be:
      1. The person who wants to do this needs to fill out a form for FHIR for a new profile for Core (template and instructions can be found HERE)
      2. The review and decision around it needs to be put on a Vocabulary WG call agenda
      3. The decision and the form gets forwarded to FHIR-I
    2. It is intended that this be in R5
    3. Rob McClure will work on this in the background and bring it forward when ready

  8. Clarify purpose and use of NamingSystem
    From last call (out of time last call)
    1. UTG uses naming system to represent what were 'stubs' in the V3 coremif (code systems with identifiers and descriptions but no coded content)
    2. UTG uses namingSystem for represent identified references in the v2 Standard for external vocaubularies for tables but no enumerated content (and often no permission to republish such content)
    3. NamingSystem is basically a tool to identify a vocabulary artifact (CodeSystem or ValueSet primarily) where you are not in control of the content of the artifact.  FHIR NamingSystem documentation can be found HERE.

  9. Sean M on question about how to reference value sets in an IG - included within the IG build or external?
    1. From last call (out of time last call)
    2. Tabled, out of time.   Next call

  10. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam)
    Tabled, out of time.   Next call

  11. Standarduzed Terminology Knoweldge Base PSS (Carol/ Ioana Singureanu)
    1. Updated per feedback at Sydney WGM
    2. Vocabulary WG members are asked to take a look at the PSS and think about this approach and what is intended to come out of it
    3. Tabled, out of time.   Next call will have more discussion.   We hope to do a ballot in January, which is closer than you think!

  12. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 
    Tabled, out of time.   Next call

  13. Liaison Reports  

    a. ISO (Ted) - Next ISO TC 215 meeting March/April in Washington DC (Arlington) - however just today the face-to-face portion was cancelled, it will be virtual only.   Fall 2020 meeting tentatively scheduled to be in India.

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Next LOINC meeting will be March 24-26 in Indianapolis. Lab, Clinical and Workshop/presentations will be in the same meeting 

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) -  

  14. New Business

    1. No new business

  15. Next call items
    1. Add an HTA report back into liaison reports.  Reuben and/or Carol will do this every call.

Next call scheduled for Thursday March 19, 2020 at 3:30PM Eastern US Time.   Same call and screen share credentials.

Action  items