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For ballot details and materials, please see the following link:

  • The Consumer-Directed Payer Data Exchange (CDPDex) is based on the EOB Resource
    • There are five profiles that could be defined by US Core (see attachment for a list of search parameters and US Core “must support” data elements)
      • Patient
      • Organization
      • Location
      • Practitioner
      • PractitionerRole
    • Adding a US Core requirement expands the set of required CPCDS data elements
    • US Core requires search parameters in addition to those presently defined
    • All searches would be performed within the context of the Subscriber/Beneficiary model
    • Why does the CARIN IG need to use US Core search parameters?
  • Date updated would be used to track timestamp
    • Would include a date to provide a delta to improve performance so that you would not need to pull all the data all the time. This would identify the date that it was updated in the FHIR repository because the client apps will be pulling from there.
    • When you first encounter a patient, the first request is give me everything
    • When you have an ongoing relationship with a patient, you want to select a date based on last time you requested the data
    • Want to know what changed since last checked
    • Dates: creation data EOB.createddate and last updated
    • Once EOB is created it is immutable, so when it’s created you could edit it to cancel it and issue a new EOB that references back to the original EOB or claim. Creation date would be updated
      • Received date could be different from EOB creation date and the CPCDS would need to make a decision of how to address it
  • Action Item
    • Ask for an FM workgroup to create joint call to have feedback from Da Vinci, CARIN, and others to be aligned as much as possible
    • We will take a look at the difference between the received date and the EOB creation date
    • Need to create a field in CPCDS that gives guidance to plans for what to map and where between the EOB creation date/claims adjudication date to the EOB resources “created” field. 
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