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Chair:  @ Dave Pyke

Scribe: @ Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

Agenda (ATTENDEES TABLE moved to after Agenda)

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Minutes Approval

Approve: 2020-02-18 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes DRAFT postponed to next week

Postponed to next week

Motion to approve meeting minutes as written:  

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PACIO Project

Dave Hill - 

  • hinting at doing September ballot (instead of May) - in order to look at assessments made at January connectathon; worked on section GG.  looking to produce a fully ready product before going to ballot.

FHIR IG proposals Due on 2/16 (per HL7 calendar)

(Sean M) A draft NIB created, will bring forward to Patient Care (primary sponsor).  Will bring back to CBCP once approved by PC.

PSS approved

NIB - Dave needs to contact primary WG Co-chairs to complete


update (Greg) - periodically have all-hands call March 26 12:30-1:30 ET - reporting out on eLTSS activity.

  • call out for presenters who have worked with the IG (via list serve)
  • records implementation (Dave, Craig)
  • ONC would like to host implementation on their site and was provided by eLTSS team
    • other events to be posted on Confluence
  • coordination continues with PACIO for connectathon planning

Community Outreach link: (to be forwarded by Greg) - The first eLTSS Community Update of 2020 is scheduled for Thursday, March 26, 2020, from 12:30 – 1:30 pm Eastern Time.

The eLTSS project is calling for presenters to participate in this update. If your organization is working with the eLTSS HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide you are invited to present on your experience, learnings, and outcomes. Please contact Becky Angeles or Greg White by Friday, February 28th if you are interested in participating.

Meeting logistics will be sent along in the next few weeks.

FHIR Consent - David Pyke

Meetings -  Thursday 2PM ET / 11AM Pacific -  CBCP Free Conference Call // Consent Resource

  • LOOKING FOR Implementations of FHIR Consent, please contact Dave Pyke (David Pyke ) – looking for FIVE (5) to go normative in R5

No call last week - no update

  • cleaned up two issues (typo, removal of requirement that linked to a policy/computable policy - as it was too ornorous… made simpler)
  • attempting to get handle around how to deal with deny or permit
  • request made for examples - pushed back with "we will be happy to assist to create an example"

 HL7 Version 3 Standard: Privacy and Security Architecture Framework, Release 1  - NOTE:  ONLY Provenance Volume is open for comments - Mike Davis, Kathleen

Ballot resolutions have been reviewed/resolutions proposed, very few negatives–comments will be reviewed at today's Security WG call 

  • PSAF: Volume 3, Provenance will be added to previous PSAF balloted volumes and published together
 Ballot Link:

FHIR US Regulatory Security Label IG

(formerly "Cross Paradigm Security Labeling IG")

a. Cross Paradigm, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) IG

b. Cross Paradigm, 42CFR Part 2 IG

c. Cross Paradigm, Title 38 7332, Security Labeling IG

FHIR US Regulatory Security Label IG (formerly "Cross Paradigm Security Labeling IG")

DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor


Review of proposed final (subject to comment) versions of SwP PowerPoint and Word document

  • intended to get Security and CBCP membership to be a policy position to bring forward; who are we trying to influence... "Sequoia" - this is an opportunity for HL7 to influence on the direction of the RCE to meet the ONC requirements.  The paper has a number of sections of others who have gone down this path as means of protection of data including opting by default and others.  
  • Mike would like to have the document and power point to the list serve for review and have endorsed  both Security and CBCP

Question: What project is this associated with?  Is there a PSS associated.

  • there is no PSS, but a paper on our efforts with TEFCA (It would be moving forward as recommendations from HL7 to Sequoia)


Security will move forward that will be an IG, use of CUI and Security Labels - PSS(s) will be developed


PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)

FHIR Proposals approved

 - FHIR Security Meetings 

FHIR Security Meetings  _ WORK IS CONTINUING!!! 

  • Need to work on extensions for Security labels in FHIR 

 Additional Agenda Items

FREE CONFERENCE Call Audio question - We are BACK to using the FCC Audio.  

No additional agenda items brought forward

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at xxxx Arizona Time 

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 PresentName Affiliation 

 David Pyke Co-Chair

Ready Computing 
@Jim Kretz Co-Chair SAMHSA 
VA (Book Zurman) 





John Davis  aka Mike Davis

Amber PatelSRS
SSA (Aegis)
Greg WhiteSRS
Jamie Parker  Carradora
Sean Mahoney MITRE 
Jessica Scopac MITRE 
Dave Hill MITRE 
VA (Book Zurman) 
VA (Book Zurman) 
Laura Bright 
Forrest White Altarum
Phil McCrackin //727-728-0435
Matt Lord  MDIX Inc
Hannah Galvin Lahey
Victor Vadim Medside 
Joseph Parker 

Beth Connor HHS
Nancy Lush  LGI Software 

 Mindy Lee

Columbia University 

Siama Rizvi 

Jay (unknown) 954-988-8948 

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