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EMB/11073 - IEEE 11073 Standards Committee; PoCD - Point-of-Care Devices

pschluter@center4mi.org ; john.garguilo@nist.gov


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ISO/IEEE 11073 Nomenclature for Personal Medical Device Communication

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Canonical URL: https://rtmms.nist.gov/rtmms/index.htm#!rosetta

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This is a family of standards for point-of-care (POC) and personal health devices (PHD) medical device communication (MDC), and provides the nomenclature that supports both the domain information model and service model components of the standards family, as well as the semantic content exchanged with medical devices. The nomenclature is specialized for patient vital signs information representation and medical device informatics, with major areas including concepts for electrocardiograph (ECG), haemodynamics, respiration, blood gas, urine, fluid-related metrics, and neurology, as well as specialized units of measurement, general device events, alarms, and body sites. The standard defines both the architecture and major components of the nomenclature, along with extensive definitions for each conceptual area

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IEEE, as part of its support of the RTMMS database and on-going, royalty-free agreement with the NIST, makes these terms available for the development of IEEE11073 compliant products and supporting material (e.g. in user documentation, collateral, etc.). Any use of IEEE terms beyond compliant products and support material may require prior approval from IEEE. Please notify IEEE of any request to use, modify, or reproduce these terms in any manner beyond the permitted use described above. To request permission, please submit your request to stds-ipr@ieee.org.

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