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3:30PM EST (UTC-5).  Quorum  as of 3:35 PM EST completed at 5p EST



Agenda Topics and Notes

  1. Roll call and Agenda check (Chair)
    New items from minutes of Feb 2020 WGM in Sydney:

  2. WG Minutes approval
    1. All attendees of the Sydney WGM should check the minutes 
    2. Monday Q4 Minutes
    3. Tuesday Q1 Minutes
    4. Tuesday Q2 Minutes
    5. Tuesday Q3 Minutes
    6. Tuesday Q4 Minutes
    7. Wednesday Q1 Minutes
    8. Wednesday Q2 Minutes
    9. Wednesday BOF Minutes
    10. Wednesday Q3 Minutes
    11. Thursday Q1 Minutes
    12. Thursday Q2 Minutes
    13. Thursday Q3 Minutes
    14. Thursday Q4 Minutes
    15. Friday Q1 Minutes
    16. Friday Q2 Minutes
    17. Friday Q3 Minutes
  3. Announcements (all)
    •  CMS Value Set Harmonization Work Group is forming (at least eCQM Value Sets). Closed group

  4. Action Items Check  (Chair)
    1. We acknowledge that we need to take care of the items on this list. Rob asks that co-chairs especially review their action items and resolve or update.

  5. San Antonio WGM Agenda Planning (Chair)
    Can be found here.  
    1. Concept map added for Q2 Monday
  6. UTG Update (Carol/Jess/Ted)
    1. Rob M. requests that we set up a time to test as a group.  Jess: that is the plan. Pre-requisite is to get the content in good shape. Training session planned. 
    2. Jess: Please sign up to be a tester. Jess is keeping the master list. 
    3. Rob M.: Is plan in place to reach out to people? Jess: Yes.  A request from Craig Newman is planned for the pilot. 
    4. Rob M.: Shawn M. has asked how IGs should reference value sets. Not a UTG issue? If the value set exists within UTG, they need to know the URL. Is there something to add in UTG so an IG can reference UTG - yes but not yet supported because there is no interface to create value sets. Shawn reports that some IG authors reference the value sets as a direct reference in the package since the value sets are in the package. 
    5. Jess will set up time to work with Mac users for tooling (Sheila, Rob M., Rob H., Reuben)
    6. Alexander H.: compiled a list of value sets for C-CDA, sent to Ted and Carol. Action item complete.  (Rob M.: any discrepancies found - yes but not major ~20 or 30, maybe a concept domain naming issue)
  7. From Jess:
    All information is posted on the UTG confluence pages.
    1. Immediate priorities
      1. Working through dependencies for content/Pilot testing
        1. Jess creating test scripts and updating documentation to prepare
      2. Finalizing testing process and materials 
    2. Recent progress
      1. Completed Jira proposal workflow cleanup from Sydney/TSC demo 
    3. Ted meeting with Grahame early next week to work through critical dependencies
      1. Extensions 
      2. Code System for UTG properties
    4. Support needed from Vocab
      1. Content testers and Pilot participants
      2. Verbiage for rendered content pages  NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS TOPIC (Rob M. suggests something stronger than volunteering) - 
  8. PSS on FHIR based Quality Reporting
    1. Bryn Rhodes 
    2. FHIR Based Quality Reporting White Paper - discuss and confirm the benefits of using FHIR for quality reporting.  (patient and population level) Planning for May 2020 ballot - informative.
    3. Rob M: Data analytics stream on Zulip, and Data analytics tracks at connectathons - should those participants be included? There is a group that is looking into how FHIR data will be queried - should they be included. 
    4. Bryn R: This project came about because  CQI and CDS workgroups are asked frequently about the benefits of making a transition to FHIR. 
    5. Bryn R: there is a draft (Jan 2020 date on PSS), however it is only shared with project participants. This will change soon. 
    6. Rob M.: NIB due March 1, tight timeline. Bryn R. No problem.
    7. Rob M.: Might be able to ballot as a white paper, Per Paul Knapp, informative is similar to normative except 1. it lives forever (does not have to be reaffirmed), and 2. no conformance testing. Intended to be used when alternatives are offered. 
    8. Rob M.: Bump Vocab from interested party to co-sponsor 
    9. Carmela moves that Vocab become a sponsor of the FHIR Based Quality Reporting White Paper PSS. Rob H. seconds
    10. Discussion:  Reuben: the Realm on row 6i is listed as Universal. What does it mean in the context of this PSS? Bryn R.: since there aren't any conformance requirements, a realm isn't dictated.  Rob H.: is there a lot of US specific guidance? Bryn R.: No, nothing is US specific, however there is a US perspective. Rob M.: the issue is seeking participation from outside the US. We should reach out to someone from an affiliate other than the US.  Bryn R.:  Will reach out to others. Bryn R.: adding periodic updates to PSS 
    11. 6 For, 0 Against, 2 Abstain
  9. PSS:  withdraw CTS3 (project insight #1587) and changing CTS2 to stable status in HL7 standards grid
    1. Carmela will split out the one document into two - one to withdraw 1587 and one to retire CTS2. 
  10. FHIR Tracker Items (Rob Hausam) 
    1.  Request from Alexander Henket to review   FHIR-26315 - Getting issue details... STATUS .   Links provided for convenience:   FHIR-25923 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (most recent Sydney decision related to 26315 issue #3)

    2. Carmela proposes we address the issues identified by Alexander H. Reuben suggests that the current build be updated to reflect all the decisions  that have been made and voted on up to this point.  Rob H. agrees this is desirable.  This is the 1 remaining conformance resource that is not normative.  The changes are time consuming . 
    3. Reuben: is Rob in agreement that before we can meet, the changes should be made? Rob H.: he is willing to do it, but he is not convinced that it is necessary.  Reuben: disagrees, it is critical. 
    4. Rob M.: Understands why it might be onerous to make the changes now, however appreciates the issues that have arisen because of the disconnect between decisions made/voted and the current build. He suggests we meet about the updates separately. 
    5. Reuben: the Sydney quarter where there were key stakeholders, the final resolution was voted, approved and can be considered to be an end point. Discussion may occur after that with regards to FHIR-26315 (Alexander's ticket linked above)
    6. Rob H.: will make a good faith effort to make the changes 
    7. Rob M.: can others help? Rob H.: the only other person who might be able to help is GG 
    8. Reuben: we need to determine why it is so difficult to make changes to this resource and develop a way to support making changes 
    9. Rob H.: is a temporary change location an option? Reuben: does not support the community
    10. Reuben: Do others working in FHIR core reference the current build of concept map?  Peter J.: one of the key stakeholders is the reference library authors.  Alexander: concept map is part of the internal FHIR mapping language. Rob M.: GG is probably using the current build for this - yes. Rob H.: if we're careful, the codes that are changing are the least used. 
    11. Time line? Hopefully before San Antonio. If we can't get that together, we can plan not only a quarter in San Antonio, but possibly a lunch or morning session.
  11. Gender Harmony Project Update (Carol/Rob M) 

  12. Liaison Reports  

    a. ISO (Ted) - Next ISO TC 215 meeting end of March in Washington DC (Arlington).   Fall 2020 meeting tentatively scheduled to be in India.

    b. LOINC (Ted/Rob H) - Next LOINC meeting will be March 24-26 in Indianapolis. Lab, Clinical and Workshop/presentations will be in the same meeting 

    c. SNOMED (Rob H/Reuben/Peter) -  

  13. New Business
    1. Proposal to add value set extensions modeled on CPG IG Extensions to FHIR Core - deferred to next meeting no time
    2. Clarify purpose and use of NamingSystem - deferred to next meeting no time
    3. Shawn M on question about how to reference value sets in an IG - included within the IG build or external.
  14. Next call items - 
    1.  Approval of WGM minutes to occur next call
    2. Proposal to add value set extensions modeled on CPG IG Extensions to FHIR Core
    3. Clarify purpose and use of NamingSystem

Next call scheduled for Thursday March 5, 2020 at 3:30PM Eastern US Time.   Same call and screen share credentials.

Action items