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Attendance: for the San Antonio Vocab (hosted) working group meetings can be found May 2020 - Vocabulary WGM Attendance.

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Note for Chairs: As of January 2020, Vocab is no longer meeting on Sunday Q4. It is expected and REQUIRED for all chairs to, no later than one week before the WGM, do the following:

  1. Confirm in-person attendance
  2. Update the agenda below for
    1. Agenda topics (especially those with other work groups for which they are responsible)
    2. Sessions in which they are NOT available

The chair responsible for managing the agenda will assign chairs and scribes for all sessions at least two buisness days before the WGM is scheduled to start.

Vocab Welcomes You!

DayQuarterTechnical/BusinessEventChairScribeRoomMeeting Minutes


May 17



  • General business

Q2 Business


  • General business






May 18



  • ConceptMap resource discussion
  • SNOMED ON FHIR/TermInfo Update (brief)

Chair: Rob McClure

Key Participants: Russell Hamm Robert Hausam

Ted KleinRegency Ballroom East 3Monday Q1 Minutes


  • Tentative discussion on FHIR NamingSystem and identifiers of our vocabulary objects; need different slot as both Ted and Rob M are likely not available

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Not Available: Rob McClure (RM at PC hosting SD) Ted Klein (TK at V2 Mgt Group)

Regency Ballroom East 3Monday Q2 Minutes
  • Continue ConceptMap Discussion
  • VSD compliant FHIR Profile

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: Rob McClure Robert Hausam

Not Available:

Regency Ballroom East 3Monday Q3 Minutes

Vocab (CIMI)

  • SOLOR SNOMED Extension Distribution
  • UTG integration
  • HTA/VSAC work with CIMI
Regency Ballroom East 3Monday Q4 Minutes
Q5BusinessCo-Chair dinner/Steering divisions
Regency Ballroom West


May 19



    • Project 1364 - UTG Project
      • Highlights of pilot progress
      • Versioning of the resources
      • User operations for Delta generation
      • Open bits needing completion
      • Status and Planning, next steps
      • Open items for discussion

Chair: Russell Hamm

Key Participants: Ted Klein Caroline Macumber

Not available:

Regency Ballroom East 3Tuesday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (hosting) / SD

  • UTG Update
    • File naming conventions
    • ValueSet canonical URL
    • Value sets to be maintained by UTG
    • Schedule plan
  • STATIC binding issues
  • CDA IG Quality Criteria Project Update
  • Discussion on errata update process and transition to UTG for value sets - C-CDA focus
    • Steward and Author roles
    • Input from CDA management group
    • How to use intensional/expression definitions (UTG, VSAC and elsewhere) and clarify versioning and expansions for use.
    • Transition from STATIC to DYNAMIC binding for clinical elements in C-CDA (and elsewhere)
  • C-CDA value set updates
    • Value set stewardship, maintenance in VSAC
    • How to insure of alignment LOINC content with published value sets and ownership of updates
      • ConsultDocumentType value set (2.16.840.1.113883. <Scale:Doc AND Consult>
    • Update examples:
      • Problem type need for version-specific content
      • Family Member Value (2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.19579) <desc+ FAMMEMB>
  • C-CDA/FHIR valueset content consistency items

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: Ted Klein Rob McClure

Not Available: 

Robert HausamLive OakTuesday Q2 Minutes


  • FHIR Tracker Item Reconciliation

Chair: Rob McClure

Key Participants: Robert Hausam

Not Available: Russell Hamm

Ted KleinRegency Ballroom East 3

Tuesday Q3 Minutes


Vocab/Patient Care (hosting)

Chair: NA

Key Participants: Robert Hausam Rob McClure

Not Available: Ted Klein

 NARegency Ballroom East 1/2Tuesday Q4 Minutes

Vocab - Birds of a Feather

  • UTG Pilot Demonstration
  • General UTG questions and discussion

Chair: NA

Key Participants: Ted Klein

Regency Ballroom East 3


May 20


Vocab (Hosting)/MnM/FHIR-I

  • FHIR R5 planning
  • FHIR Tracker Item Reconciliation
  • Understanding of and use case for abstract, not selectable and optional codes in value set expansions
  • Timing for migration of FHIR non-ballot-bound items to
  • Strategy for identifiers for unified terminologies (poster child V3 ObservationInterpretation and V2 table 0078, unified in July 2018 Harmonization)
  • Discuss results of comparison completed by Vocab of VSD and FHIR
  • Process for management of canonical URLs/URIs (Rob M.)
  • FHIR defined terminology (ballot-bound) vs. non-ballot-bound material in FHIR
  • Work to develop a single method to register code systems
  • Implications of a normative code system, and normative resources binding to normative value sets

Chair: Reuben Daniels

Key Participants: Rob McClure Ted Klein

Robert Hausam Caroline Macumber

Not available:

Rio Grande WestWednesday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (Hosting)/MnM

  • UTG Policy and Implementation implications
  • V3 UTG update

Chair: Russell Hamm

Key Participants: Ted Klein

Not Available: Rob McClure may need to be at SD

Reuben DanielsRio Grande WestWednesday Q2 Minutes

Vocabulary/Publishing (Hosting Representatives)

  • UTG publishing of vocabulary on (IG Publisher)
  • Cross references and publishing of V2 and FHIR material
  • Publishing of External Vocabulary (HTA involvement)

Chair: Brian Pech (Pub hosting)

Key Participants: Ted Klein

Not Available: Rob McClure may have to jump out for US Core at SD

Not Available: Russell Hamm

PecosWednesday Q3 Minutes


  • Update for Gender Codes
    • Requested by Public Health
  • Legacy code system update policy and review
Chula Vista

Wednesday Q4 Minutes


May 21


Vocab (Hosting)/CG/InM

  • V2 vocabulary issues
    • Unification of v2/v3 code system content

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: Ted Klein Frank Oemig

Not Available: Robert Hausam Rob McClure missing first 30 min in PC

Russell HammRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (Hosting)/CG 

  • Binding semantics, resume work on this project
  • Update on tasks
  • Meeting quorum in meetings
  • PSS finalisation - confluence PSS
  • Structure of deliverable

Chair: Reuben Daniels

Key Participants:

Not Available: Robert Hausam (split quarter?)

Caroline MacumberRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q2 Minutes


  • MapShare
  • Project 1325 Value set expansion
  • What identifiers for expansions

Chair: Russell Hamm

Key Participants: Ted Klein Rob McClure

Not Available: Robert Hausam (split quarter?)

Reuben DanielsRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q3 Minutes


Chair: Ted Klein

Key Participants: mandatory session for all Vocabulary WG cochairs

Not Available:

Caroline MacumberRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q4 Minutes
  • Thursday Night Facilitator Round Table


Key Participants: Robert Hausam Ted Klein

Not available:

Regency Ballroom East 3


May 22

No Meeting

No Meeting

No Meeting

No Meeting

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