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Attendance for the San Antonio Vocab (hosted) working group meetings can be found May 2020 - Vocabulary WGM Attendance.

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Vocab welcomes you!

DayQuarterTechnical/BusinessEventChairScribeRoomMeeting Minutes


Jan 13



  • General business
Q2 Business


  • General business


  • Agenda planning and confirmations
  • HTA issues and new project scope statement
    • Clear division between Vocab WG and HTA responsibilities (SGB too?)
    • PSS needed for the SNOMED/HL7binding thing (Vocab Project, Rob H responsible now)
  • Vocabulary project review (project insight)
  • Need for and future of a SNOMED CT liaison (with departure of Jim Case.)


Sunday Q4 Minutes



Jan 14



  • ConceptMap resource discussion
  • SNOMED ON FHIR/TermInfo Update (brief)

Chair: Rob McClure

Key Participants: Russell Hamm Robert Hausam

Ted KleinRegency Ballroom East 3Monday Q1 Minutes


  • Tentative discussion on FHIR NamingSystem and identifiers of our vocabulary objects; need different slot as both Ted and Rob M are likely not available

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Not Available: Rob McClure (RM at PC hosting SD) Ted Klein (TK at V2 Mgt Group)

Regency Ballroom East 3Monday Q2 Minutes
  • Continue ConceptMap Discussion
  • VSD compliant FHIR Profile

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: Rob McClure Robert Hausam

Not Available:

Regency Ballroom East 3Monday Q3 Minutes

Vocab (CIMI)

  • SOLOR SNOMED Extension Distribution
  • UTG integration
  • HTA/VSAC work with CIMI
Regency Ballroom East 3Monday Q4 Minutes
Q5BusinessCo-Chair dinner/Steering divisions Regency Ballroom West 


Jan 15



    • Project 1364 - UTG Project
      • Highlights of pilot progress
      • Versioning of the resources
      • User operations for Delta generation
      • Open bits needing completion
      • Status and Planning, next steps
      • Open items for discussion

Chair: Russell Hamm

Key Participants: Ted Klein Caroline Macumber

Not available:

Regency Ballroom East 3Tuesday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (hosting) / SD

  • UTG Update
    • File naming conventions
    • ValueSet canonical URL
    • Value sets to be maintained by UTG
    • Schedule plan
  • STATIC binding issues
  • CDA IG Quality Criteria Project Update
  • Discussion on errata update process and transition to UTG for value sets - C-CDA focus
    • Steward and Author roles
    • Input from CDA management group
    • How to use intensional/expression definitions (UTG, VSAC and elsewhere) and clarify versioning and expansions for use.
    • Transition from STATIC to DYNAMIC binding for clinical elements in C-CDA (and elsewhere)
  • C-CDA value set updates
    • Value set stewardship, maintenance in VSAC
    • How to insure of alignment LOINC content with published value sets and ownership of updates
      • ConsultDocumentType value set (2.16.840.1.113883. <Scale:Doc AND Consult>
    • Update examples:
      • Problem type need for version-specific content
      • Family Member Value (2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.19579) <desc+ FAMMEMB>
  • C-CDA/FHIR valueset content consistency items

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: Ted Klein Rob McClure

Not Available: 

Robert HausamLive OakTuesday Q2 Minutes


  • FHIR Tracker Item Reconciliation

Chair: Rob McClure

Key Participants: Robert Hausam

Not Available: Russell Hamm

Ted KleinRegency Ballroom East 3

Tuesday Q3 Minutes


Vocab/Patient Care (hosting)

Chair: NA

Key Participants: Robert Hausam Rob McClure

Not Available: Ted Klein

 NARegency Ballroom East 1/2Tuesday Q4 Minutes

Vocab - Birds of a Feather

  • UTG Pilot Demonstration
  • General UTG questions and discussion

Chair: NA

Key Participants: Ted Klein

Regency Ballroom East 3


Jan 16


Vocab (Hosting)/MnM/FHIR-I

  • FHIR R5 planning
  • FHIR Tracker Item Reconciliation
  • Understanding of and use case for abstract, not selectable and optional codes in value set expansions
  • Timing for migration of FHIR non-ballot-bound items to
  • Strategy for identifiers for unified terminologies (poster child V3 ObservationInterpretation and V2 table 0078, unified in July 2018 Harmonization)
  • Discuss results of comparison completed by Vocab of VSD and FHIR
  • Process for management of canonical URLs/URIs (Rob M.)
  • FHIR defined terminology (ballot-bound) vs. non-ballot-bound material in FHIR
  • Work to develop a single method to register code systems
  • Implications of a normative code system, and normative resources binding to normative value sets

Chair: Reuben Daniels

Key Participants: Rob McClure Ted Klein

Robert Hausam Caroline Macumber

Not available:

Rio Grande WestWednesday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (Hosting)/MnM

  • UTG Policy and Implementation implications
  • V3 UTG update

Chair: Russell Hamm

Key Participants: Ted Klein

Not Available: Rob McClure may need to be at SD

Reuben DanielsRio Grande WestWednesday Q2 Minutes

Vocabulary/Publishing (Hosting Representatives)

  • UTG publishing of vocabulary on (IG Publisher)
  • Cross references and publishing of V2 and FHIR material
  • Publishing of External Vocabulary (HTA involvement)

Chair: Brian Pech (Pub hosting)

Key Participants: Ted Klein

Not Available: Rob McClure may have to jump out for US Core at SD

Not Available: Russell Hamm

PecosWednesday Q3 Minutes


  • Update for Gender Codes
    • Requested by Public Health
  • Legacy code system update policy and review
Chula Vista

Wednesday Q4 Minutes



Jan 17



Vocab (Hosting)/CG/InM

  • V2 vocabulary issues
    • Unification of v2/v3 code system content

Chair: Caroline Macumber

Key Participants: Ted Klein Frank Oemig

Not Available: Robert Hausam Rob McClure missing first 30 min in PC

Russell HammRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q1 Minutes

Vocab (Hosting)/CG 

  • Binding semantics, resume work on this project
  • Update on tasks
  • Meeting quorum in meetings
  • PSS finalisation - confluence PSS
  • Structure of deliverable

Chair: Reuben Daniels

Key Participants:

Not Available: Robert Hausam (split quarter?)

Caroline MacumberRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q2 Minutes


  • MapShare
  • Project 1325 Value set expansion
  • What identifiers for expansions

Chair: Russell Hamm

Key Participants: Ted Klein Rob McClure

Not Available: Robert Hausam (split quarter?)

Reuben DanielsRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q3 Minutes


Chair: Ted Klein

Key Participants: mandatory session for all Vocabulary WG cochairs

Not Available:

Caroline MacumberRegency Ballroom East 3Thursday Q4 Minutes
  • Thursday Night Facilitator Round Table


Key Participants: Robert Hausam Ted Klein

Not available:

 Regency Ballroom East 3 



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Q2 No Meeting
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Q4 No Meeting    
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