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Jean DuteauCross Group Projects
Sandy StuartPIC
Ken RubinPIC
Floyd EisenbergCross Group Projects
Brian PechEST and Publishing


Cross Functional WG – They submitted a request to get steering division approval for the Military project – waiting on Dave Hamil to provide the project info then will send out for eVote.  Almost done with Mission and Charter to be reviewed at a future Org Support Meeting.  SWAT done.  Question to USRealm as to who has Veto rights or not for WG’s…  Potential for CFWG to host a external liason project collaboration role – i.e. triage… To be discussed at TSC.

Publishing and Tooling…  Ongoing per Brian and almost done with combining of the two groups.  Working on Mission and Charter.

PIC – Finalized GOM and Co-Chair handbook projects.  Still haven’t see the uptake on the standard briefing template that Ken has proposed.  The TSC brought up the role of PIC and here is the response from Ken on what we bring to the table:

“I think PIC plays a critical role, especially in terms of having a home for the membership and an advocate/ombudsman.  Agree completely with you about the importance of the liaison activity.  It would merit mention that many of the Board committees are opaque to the membership, and that PIC came about from disenfranchisement of that membership when activities at leadership levels were impenetrable.  Even if PIC’s role is somewhat limited, and admittedly we have modest activities going, simply having a place for people to go, and being accountable and reactive to the concerns of the membership itself is worth continuing on.”

Sandy’s suggestion to the TSC was to work on a socialization of what PIC is and does for upcoming eNews (as we’ve done already) and any other potential ideas are welcome.

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