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Attendees please use WHOVA to participate. Whova/Zoom Sessions open 15 minutes before start time


Please be sure to record your meeting attendance for CBCP: September 2020 CBCP WGM Attendance (CBCP WGM Attendance link > Click "check in" add 'x' for each session you are attending



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SEP 19

No meeting

DayDateZoom Link EventHostJoiningChairScribeNotes
SundaySEP 20
No meeting

Day/ DateDate
Monday/ SEP 21
10 AMHL7 Plenary (no WG meetings)

 2 PM


Agenda:  eLTSS Connectathon Report-out

Agenda: PACIO Update

CBCP J ColemanS Webb

 We are live!  

Presentation from eLTSS <add PPT>

  • project overview
  • FHIR Connectathon overview, use cases, results, lessons learned, looking ahead
    • advancing eLTSS, advancing FHIR Model

recognize Becky, Amber, Greg White, Jim Kemp, Dave Pyke, MITRE, FEI Systems for all their hard work on eLTSS ONC project

Dave Hill - Presenting PACIO

  • project overview - PACIO Project, the Patient Story
    • Poor communication across care providers
    • use cases, screen capture
    • Successes
      • Exchange of data between 15+ systems, utilizing four FHIR IGs
    • Issues discovered
    • next steps
      • future use cases (including advance directives, speech pathology
  • CMS Data Element Library FHIR API Links
  • PACIO functional, cognitive Status links
  • Recognition and Thank you

Note: Number of ONC presentations / conflicted with HL7 WGM; workshop is being records and will be posted. site

4 PMJoint w/SecurityCBCPSecurity
S Webb

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TuesdaySEP 2210 AM

Joint w/Security

  • Learning Health Systems

LHS - Russell Leftwich Emma Jones ; Claude Nanjo

ACTION: Suzanne to send ABAC/RBAC information over to LHS

ACTION: Outside of the WGM - find time at weekly calls (LHS or Security) to further the conversation — LHS Tuesday 1PM PT.4PM ET / Security Tuesday /  12 noon Pacific; CBCP Tuesday 9AM Pacific

*where care team and security intersection, using current standards (RBAC/ABAC); move forward to a connectathon; aligning use cases, scenarios; also pilot at University/VA (?)

  • individual role - wherein role may be filled by another Care Team or another organization
  • Notion of a Care Team in Epic - investigating (limitations? what can be supplemented?  
    • Use case (for inclusion for development): Temporary coverage by another entity of a role; allow automating the transfer of the privilege for someone who is temporarily filling the role (i.e. backup person temporarily using the permissions/privilege)
  • two potential mechanisms - define the role and change the entity/actor in that role.
  1. Start with use cases, then work toward modeling (University of Utah, roles are determined by Epic)
  2. work with Security/Access control of roles
  3. possibility of a pilot at University

2 PM

CBCP joining Security


  • Privacy and Security Logical Model Working Session

4 PM
  • 4-5 Trish
  • 5-6 Consent Management Service Update (tentative); (confirmed 8/19 w/Lorraine C)
SecurityCBCP,  SOA 

Trish – Presentation; Reimagining a Better Healthcare System Through virtual Care; Cisco-Flinders Digital Health Design Lab / Trish Williams, Lua Perimal-Lewis

  • What the problems are that we are trying to solve
    • What makes sense for Australia
    • End-to-end care/telecare

Duane Decouteau/Mohammad Jafari

Vincent McCauley/Lorraine Constable

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WednesdaySEP 2310 AM CBCP Joining SecuritySecurityCBCP(Security)

12 Noon



  • Administrivia (review of co-chair training, etc.)

4PMGeneral Session (no WG meetings)

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ThursdaySEP 2410 AM

CBCP joining Security

Security(ONC, FHIR)(Security)

12 Noon

CBCP hosting Patient Empowerment WG 


  • Discussion Topic: Consent Resource, consent in general (discussions  to bring to Normative)
CBCPPatient Empowerment(CBCP)

Project Proposal submitted, PSS-1664 auto-initiated / David Hill "POC" 

Noted WGs sponsoring/involvement included CBCP, Patient Empowerment (Maria Moen, Virginia Lorenzi), FHIR Management Group, Patient Care

4 PM

 CBCP joining FHIR i (confirmed 8/26 w/Lloyd)

Agenda:  FHIR Consent


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FridaySEP 25
No Meetings Scheduled