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The Chairs of the European Affiliate Members of HL7 International, or their designated representatives, comprise the European Strategic Advisory Board. Terms of Reference for the ESAB have been established during the IHIC2015 in Prague:

Minutes of ESAB meetings (incomplete):

13 Feb 2015, Prague, Czech Republic: 20150211 ESAB ToR v5.1.pdf

13 June 2016, Genoa, Italy: Notes of HL7 European Strategic Advisory Board 2016.06.13.docx

18 Sept 2016, Baltimore, US: 20160918 ESAB minutes draft.pdf

HL7 Affiliate MemberChair or designated representative
HL7 AustriaStefan Sabutsch (Chair)
HL7 Bosnia and Herzegovina
HL7 Croatia
HL7 Czech Republic
HL7 Denmark
HL7 Finland
HL7 France
HL7 GermanyChristof Gessner (past chair)
HL7 Greece
HL7 ItalyGiorgio Cangioli (Chair)
HL7 NetherlandsRob Mulders (Chair)
HL7 Norway
HL7 Poland
HL7 Portugal
HL7 Romania
HL7 Russia
HL7 Slovenia
HL7 Spain
HL7 SwedenMikael Wintell
HL7 Switzerland
HL7 Ukraine
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