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Meeting Date

Meeting Coordinates


Agenda ReviewPL

Roll CallPL
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Patrick E. Loyd
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Chad Joyce - Regrets
  • Tony Julian
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Michael Kuhl
  • Atlassian Expert - Michael Kuhl, 8-12 hours initial engagement
  • Patrick to setup initial meetings with DJ, Ted, Lloyd for next week
Webmaster's ReportDJ
  • Service Desk Removal - I (David) have also contacted Atlassian to verify that removing of Service Desk will not affect our overall configuration.  I am scheduling the removal out a week or two and will discuss on our Friday call.
  • Dev Env - Considering starting over with clean migration to newest version of Confluence, then using current production for Development Environment
  • Confluence Upgrade - Asked Atlassian for best version to upgrade to and received bad news concerning current Confluence install using demo file-based database.
  • Confluence Database Upgrade - Next Move.
  • Odd Behavior Reported - Not able to create tickets
  • How to use Confluence questions coming in
UTG ProjectTK
  • Service desk templates? Will discuss with Michael on Monday
  • Source of truth issues, initial change request tool
  • couple of architecture issues/approaches, integration with JavaScript
Ballot ProjectLM
  • Creating users from gForge
  • Organizing JIRA instructions and training videos - Patrick to send out info
  • Git project to store source, three repositories under the hl7.arm of git
  • Training and Testing plan
JIRACon ProjectPL
  • WG Boilerplate - Chad & Tony
  • Set default space during creation - Patrick & DJ
  • Instructions - Patrick & DJ
  • Webinars - Patrick & Tony, Lloyd, Ted