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Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

FHIR Infrastructure / CSIRO Clinical Data Standards Workgroup

Justification and Objectives

The purpose of this connectathon track is to test the latest version of the advanced pre-population features of the SDC Implementation Guide, and suitability for use in extracting data from Australian Primary Care Systems for sharing with other systems.

This track will use FHIR R4, and the latest SDC Implementation Guide (almost ready for publishing)

Clinical input requested (if any)

Does your track have a need for input from the clinical community? If so, what are the needs?

Related tracks

(used to help guide seating arrangements and possibly drive track consolidation)

Proposed Track Lead

Brian Postlethwaite / Lloyd McKenzie

Expected participants

Who do you expect to be present? How many do you expect to attend?

Telstra Health (Brian Postlethwaite, possibly others) - all Roles

Oridashi (Brett Esler) - Data/Context provider

Best Practice - Data provider

Track Orientation

A webinar will be hosted on date at time to share further participation information about this track.

System Roles

Role 1 - Forms Repository Server

A server that holds the FHIR Questionnaires to be used for rendering and pre-population (forms should have the SDC pre-population information in them) (demonstration forms are here pre-pop-test)

Role 2 - Data Provider

A FHIR Server that provides data for use in the pre-population of a form, and also clinical context (preferably through smart on fhir app launch)

For best results the server should also support the search batch processing, reducing the number of calls to the server to retrieve data to populate with. (demonstration Oridashi test Cloud MD Server)

Role 3 - Populate Server

A server that implements the SDC $populate operation, with FHIRPath or Observation based data extraction processing$populate (this server implements at the type and instance levels)

Role 4 - Forms Receiver

A server that will receive a FHIR Questionnaire that has been submitted by a user, and subsequently validated. (Telstra Health test server)

Role 5 - Form Renderer

A user interface for displaying a Questionnaire/Questionnaire response, permitting a user to complete the form and submit the answers. (Testra Health test form renderer)


Describe the different scenarios participating systems can engage in during the connectathon. Each scenario should provide sufficient description that participants can appropriately construct their software in advance to prepare to inter-operate during the connectathon.

Scenario 1 - Create a new Form with fhirpath based pre-population fields inside

This will be used to get experience creating forms, including data extraction information, and fhirpath expressions

Example form:

The FHIRPathTester tool on windows can be used to test fhirpath expressions

Action: Create a new form and save it to a FHIR Server (Such as the Telstra Health Test Server - which will validate the definition)

Precondition: (none)

Success Criteria: Form was able to validate and be used by a populate server, retrieving data from several FHIR Servers (PMS)

Bonus point: Search bundle was external to the form

Bonus point: Data extraction includes multiple launch contexts

Bonus point: Multiple queries in the search bundle

Bonus point: Multiple groups with complex fhirpath extreact expressions

Scenario 2 - Provide data for pre-population based on a Search Bundle 



Success Criteria:

Bonus point:

Scenario 3 - Perform a pre-population of provided form



Success Criteria:

Bonus point:

Scenario 4 - Validate a form provided by a user that has been pre-populated



Success Criteria:

Bonus point:


None at this point, however will have a test service available for all roles, that you can switch various roles for testing, or provide your own questionnaires too.

Security and Privacy Considerations

Identify any expectations around security (e.g. will TLS, mutual-TLS, OAuth, etc. be required to participate

For the purpose of this initial connectathon will assume that security will open for all to test the pre-population functionality only.

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