Date:  2020-02-05

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Mayo Clinic

United Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente

Vernetzt, LLC


Isaac VetterEpic

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Management Minute ApprovalApproved by General Consent
MethodologyFHIRCast Report (slides)

Isaac Vetter presented the linked slide.  InM/II need to work together for joint ballot recon.

MethodologyUnsolicited Notifications /Alerts

Eric Haas presented on the status:

MethodologyShared Messages reaffirmation report (information)

Anthony Julian  presented shared messages reaffirmation

MethodologyV2 Quality Criteria ballot

Anthony Julian presented reconciliation

ManagementPBS metricsAnthony Julian  presented project status (see current project status below)
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Shared Messages Reaffirmation Ballot

Shared Messages ReaffirmationAffNegAbst.NV

% of Vote34.83%0.00%49.44%15.73%


Quality Criteria Ballot

Quality CriteriaAffNegAbst.NV
V2 Quality Criteria Ballot Reconciliation20205811
% of Vote18.35%18.35%53.21%10.09%


Current Project status (PBS Metrics)

PJ numberCurrentTitleStatusSponsorNext milestone
884YShared Messages R4Limbo no SD approvalInM5/10/2013
1143YDAFSTU - Expired Test PeriodInM3/28/2019
1530YAbstract Transport Specification (ATS) updateBalloted 2018-01InM1/15/2020
1542YVersion 2 Quality Criteria (PSS in Confluence)In reconciliationInM


1562YHL7 Version 3 Standard: Shared Messages, Release 3Reaffirmed Feb. 2020InM5/2024 - reaffirm or Retire
 HL7 V3 Standard:Master File/Registry Infrastructure, Release 1 

2018 May Ballot

InM1/2013 - reaffirm or Retire
 HL7 V3 Standard: Infrastructure Management; Control Act, Query and Transmission, R1.12018 May BallotInM1/2013 - reaffirm or Retire
1516YNotifications (aka alerts)STU- ReconcileInM

V2 Example Verification and managementtbdV2 Management9/15/2019
1146YUnified Conformance and Constraint ModelingtbdConformance1/15/2019
1396YUpdate and Separate the HL7 V2 Conformance Methodology SpecificationFeb.2020 Ballot - PassedConformance5/15/2020
1397YCreating and Managing Data Type Flavors in HL7 v2.x SpecificationstbdConformance1/15/2019
1392YFHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIRtbdImaging Integration5/15/2020

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Minute Approval2020-01-16 InM Agenda/Minutes

Action items

  •  Anthony Julian Work with II co-chairs to schedule joint calls.